Tacita T-Race Cross 44kW Takes On the Ice Trophy

Conventional wisdom tells you that ice and batteries don’t mix. Batteries like a warm day, not sub-freezing temperatures. However, Tacita went ahead and entered its T-Race Cross 44kW racer in the second stage of the Ice Trophy series. Billed as “The Coldest Motorsport Bike Event,” the race was held at Crévacol, Valle d’Aosta, Italy, near the Swiss and French borders.

Tacita Electric Motorcycle - Ice Trophy - Italy

The T-Race Cross had the latest Gen.2 Tacita motor, which features a five-speed transmission. “Races are the best laboratory of the extreme,” explained Tacita co-founder Pierpaolo Rigo. “It’s the best place for us to test and further develop our bikes, designed and built to constantly push limits a step forward. For the second appointment with the Ice Trophy, we raced with the Tacita T-Race Cross 44kW, the lightest of the Tacita electric bikes. We are happy with the results, and we look forward to the next appointment on February 7 at Pragelato.”

Gianni Borgiotti was at the grips, finishing second in the class and sixth overall in the January 17 race. Borgiotti has a bit of notoriety—he has beaten both Marc Márquez and Alex Márquez at flat track racing.

Tacita T-Race Ice Trophy

“It was a great satisfaction, and I had a lot of fun riding my new Tacita,” Borgiotti said. “Differently from the first appointment, where we used a road bike, this Sunday, the bike was prepared for these races. I really enjoyed riding the Tacita T-Race Cross that featured a powerful engine, increased braking system, and improved set-up. It was a great satisfaction, and we succeed to close the gap from the frontrunners riding combustion engines. Everything went as planned, and we collected more data that will be useful for the next Ice Trophy race in Pragelato. I’m really looking forward to the next appointment!”

Tacita is based in Torino, Italy, and was founded in 2009 by Rigo and Dinamaria Ollino. The Tacita line is all-electric, ranging from off-road racebikes to the T-Cruise cruiser.