Tourmaster Solution WP Boots Review (New Edition for Touring)

The Tourmaster Solution WP boot line has been around for over a decade, and the latest iteration is the best yet. It is simple, inexpensive motorcycle footwear that is also comfortable, good-looking, and unobtrusively lightly protective.

Putting on the Tourmaster Solution WP boots is a satisfying experience. A robust YKK zipper runs from the arch to the top of the boot. The size 9 boots allowed my socked foot to slip in, and fit as expected. A soft insole is removable if your feet need a bit more room. The breathable line is plush and pleasant.

Tourmaster Solution WP Boots Review: Price

Zipper action was stiff out of the box for both boots. We applied some Gear Aid Zipper Cleaner + Lubricant, which made the zippers’ action perfectly smooth. Also, when zipping up (and down), take care to avoid catching the inner flap in the zipper.

Once the zipper is up, the boot is firmly grasping your foot, ankle, and lower leg, and it is secured by a heavy-duty hook-and-loop tab. Finally, you pull the flap over and connect it with the extraordinarily strong hook-and-loop spread. These boots are not coming off until you want them to come off.

Whether riding or walking around, the Tourmaster Solution WP boots are comfortable—due credit goes to the large accordion stretch panels at the instep and lower calf. They meet the standard when riding of becoming transparent—you don’t notice them unless you specifically think about them. There’s a TPU toe-shifter guard on both boots—riders of right-shift vintage motorcycles will approve. Fitting in with the invisibility of the boot, you can operate a shifter and brake pedal without any surprises.

Tourmaster Solution WP Boots Review: MSRP

Designed for less-than-perfect weather, the boots also keep your feet warm. There are two water defense levels—the water-repelling microfiber upper and the interior three-layer breathing HiPora waterproof membrane.

I’m not big for intentionally riding in the rain, so a bathtub waterproofing test substituted for precipitation. With standing water up to the ankle, the boots were watertight for two minutes, at which point we declared them to be effectively waterproof. There is some perforation high on the boot, at which point they would take on water, and you’d be swimming.

Being comfortable touring boots, the Tourmaster Solution WP boots offer selective protection. The plastic toeboxes and heel cups are rigid, which is good. The front half of the sole is flexible for control operation and walking, with the arch support ample; riding standing up on the Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC did not stress my arches. The sole is also twist-resistant.

Tourmaster Solution WP Boots Review: For Sale

Ankle protection and support is minimal, with an exterior rubberized pad offering some impact protection. At a stop, the boots feel supportive, and the sole does not slip on less-than-perfect pavement. A camouflaged, mildly reflective insert on the heel makes you more visible to trailing drivers after dark.

Vegans will appreciate that the Solution boots use no animal products.

The Tourmaster Solution WP motorcycle boots have been popular for a long time, and this latest edition will keep that streak alive. They are comfortable on, and off, the motorcycle, which is essential for touring boots. Protection is appropriately balanced with comfort, and the $130/pair price means that no one has an excuse for not wearing real motorcycle boots.

Tourmaster Solution WP Boots Fast Facts

  • Sizes: 7-14W (some half-sizes)
  • Color: Black

Tourmaster Solution WP Boots Price: $130 MSRP

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