Alpinestars SMX Plus V2 Boots Review: Serious Motorcycle Footwear

Just a step off from the iconic Alpinestars Supertech R racing boots, the Alpinestars SMX Plus V2 boots are for track-day enthusiasts who also enjoy brisk rides through the twisties. The protection offered on these CE-rated and meet EN 13634:2017 standards for motorcycle boots.

Alpinestars SMX Plus V2 Review: Price

Simply the act of putting on the Alpinestars SMX Plus V2 boots inspires confidence. Looking in from the top, you’ll see a quick-lace system. Sliding your foot in requires a bit of effort just before your foot is all the way—that’s good, as it means the boots won’t come off at an inopportune time. Now it’s time to secure your foot in the boot.

Alpinestars SMX Plus V2 Review: MSRP

Grab the quick-lace device and pull. That snugs your foot into the boot comfortably—the thickly padded tongue is doing its job. Tuck the excess laces in, and it’s time to pull up the long zipper and attacked the tab to the hook-and-loop patch. Just like inserting your foot, the early part is easy, and some work is required to finish the job. Pull the shin protector flap over, engage the hook-and-loop, and insert the serrated strap in the buckle. It will probably take two hands to fully cinch the SMX Plus V2 up so the fit is perfectly secure.

Alpinestars SMX Plus V2: Track Day Boots

Once the process is completed, you know that these boots are not coming off until you reverse the steps. It’s a great feeling when you know you’re going to be engaging in high-speed riding.

Without any doubt, the Alpinestars SMX Plus V2 boots are extremely comfortable. The plush interior has no hot spots, at least not on my size 43 foot—as with any personal gear, your fit may vary.

Alpinestars SMX Plus V2 Boots: Sportbike Footwear

The instep is highly flexible, aiding in the operation of the motorcycle’s foot controls. Flexibility in the up/down movement in the ankle area and the sole assists in walking and riding.

While Alpinestars allows movement where needed to actuate the shift lever and brake pedal, plenty of effort has been put into solidly protecting areas that shouldn’t be moving. The heel is enclosed in stiff plastic, with padding on the interior. A shank in the sole prevents unwanted movement from the arch to the heel. The ankle gets more flexible plastic, balancing protection and mobility while preventing hypertorsion, hyperextension, and hyperflexion. The shin guard is thick, yet pliable enough to mold to the rider’s shin.

The heel and toe sliders are user-replaceable on the Alpinestars SMX Plus V2 boots. Walking will wear out the heel slider, so keep an eye on that. I dragged the toe slider a few times on the Aprilia RS 660, without much plastic being left on the road. Demanding riders will want to keep spare toe sliders in their wardrobes.

A great high-performance motorcycle boot has three basic jobs—protect your foot, let you operate the foot controls, and provide transparent comfort. The Alpinestars SMX Plus V2 boots accomplish all three of the goals. The best thing I can tell you about sport boots is that I don’t notice them while I’m riding, and the SMX Plus V2s meet that criteria. That moves them to the front of my closet of riding gear.

Action photography by Kelly Callan and Kevin Wing

Alpinestars SMX Plus V2 Boots Fast Facts

  • Sizes: Euro 36-48 (US 3.5-12.5)
  • Colors: Black; Black/White/Fluo Red; Black/White/Fluo Yellow

Alpinestars SMX Plus V2 Boots Price: $370/pair MSRP