MV Agusta and Hertz Ride Rental Partnership Begins

Hertz Ride has been renting motorcycles for nearly ten years, with BMW being the fleet brand. Various BMW models have been available for rent in Austria, France, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, and the United States. Now, MV Agusta has joined the Hertz Ride family.

The first MV Agustas are now available to rent from Hertz Ride in Italy and France. Riders will have their choice of the touring-friendly MV Agusta Turismo Veloce 800 Lusso SCS and the urban-focused Dragster Rosso. When the 2021 riding season starts up in Europe, the MV Agustas will be available in Portugal and Spain. Next on the list will be the United States.

MV Agusta Hertz Ride: Dragster

“Hertz Ride is offering premium motorcycle rental service for both short and long durations, and even for one international road trips,” according to a Hertz Ride spokesman. “The company offers adventure travel enthusiasts not only motorcycle rental, but also the option of guided or self-guided tours.” Portugal’s Hipogest Group operates Hertz Ride under license.

The MV Augusta and Hertz Ride rental partnership is the latest example of the iconic brand’s business expansion since its acquisition by Ocean Group and the installation of Timur Sardarov as the MV Agusta Motor CEO.

MV Agusta Hertz Ride: Turismo Veloce 800

“This collaboration couldn’t be more appropriate, as MV Agusta and Hertz Ride share the same motorcycling ideals in their constant search for innovation and offer the best experience and the most enjoyable adventure when riding a motorcycle,” an MV Agusta source told us. “MV Agusta’s mission is not only to design, develop, and manufacture the most advanced motorcycles in the world but also to craft emotions. This vision concurs with Hertz Ride’s DNA, which seeks to provide motorcycle enthusiasts a tour of a lifetime, with cleverly designed routes meant to be complete and remarkable life experiences, a true escape from the daily routine with the finest motorcycles on the market.”