2021 Honda Ridgeline First Look: Ready For CRFs

The 2021 Honda Ridgeline pickup truck is sporting a new look that matches its off-road capabilities. From the front roof pillars forward, the 2021 Ridgeline’s sheet metal is all-new. The interior also enjoys an upgrade. Additionally, there’s a whole new set of packages and options that make it easier to haul around Honda CRF dirt bikes or Montesa observed trials motorcycles in style.
To give the 2021 Honda Ridgeline a muscular presentation, the hood gets a power bulge above the 280-horsepower V6 engine, a more vertical grill, a squared-off nose with a new front bumper, new front fenders, and an updated skidplate. Improve LED headlights provide superior illumination after dark.
2021 Honda Ridgeline First Look: Specs, Trims, and Features
The new face of the Ridgeline isn’t purely cosmetic. According to Honda, the new “broad side-vents…route air through the bumper and around the front tires and wheels, creating air curtains to improve aerodynamic performance.”
All trims will have 18-inch wheels that have been designed to look more insistent, and will be shod with all-season tires that feature a more robust shoulder and aggressive sidewall. Also, the track has been increased three-quarters of an inch.
In the back, you’ll find a new bumper on the 2021 Honda Ridgeline that emphasizes the dual muffler outlets.
2021 Honda Ridgeline First Look: CRF450X
Open the door, and you’ll find an updated Display Audio system with an improved user interface. There’s a physical volume knob, plus the touchscreen is easier to manipulate. For those who like details, all trims get contrast stitching for the seats. Different trims have various styling redesigns.
There are four post-production option packages for the 2021 Honda Ridgeline, including the HPD Package (Honda Performance Development), Function+, Function, and Utility. You also have three trims packages to choose from—Sport, RTL, and RTL-E. Finally, there is also a Black Edition.
2021 Honda Ridgeline First Look: MSRP
The RTL-E and Black Edition have a torque-vectoring AWD system for off-road capabilities, with it being optional on the Sport and RTL versions. Otherwise, the 2WD models get by with Honda’s Intelligent Traction Dynamics System optimized for pavement and snow.
Motorcycle and ATV owners will be happy with the cargo-carrying capabilities of the 2021 Honda Ridgeline. The tailgate can handle 300 pounds, and there are eight tie-down points, with each having a rating of 350 pounds. Plus, the bed is made of a fiberglass-composite that resists denting.
2021 Honda Ridgeline First Look: Prices
Under the bed’s floor is a 7.3 cubic foot storage space, which also works as an ice chest. When you’re loading or unloading, or just hanging out at the truck while dirt bike riding, there’s an optional In-Bed Audio system. Just fire up Spotify, and blast The Beach Boy’s Little Honda at full throttle.
Pricing isn’t ready, and the 2021 Honda Ridgeline won’t be available until after the new year starts.

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