iXS Classic AR Cassidy Motorcycle Jeans Review: Safety + Fashion

I have been wearing the same riding jeans for many years. They look weathered, and the protection is not up to today’s standards. I did a lot of research and found the iXS Classic AR Cassidy motorcycle jeans had all the protection specifications I was seeking, and I liked the look of the jeans. I didn’t know until I received them just how much better looking they are than even my best “date night jeans.”

The first thing I noticed was there is no outward sign of knee armor stitching. Bulky looking knees on riding jeans have always been a pet peeve of mine. The Classic AR Cassidy jeans have removable CE Level 1 knee and hip armor in adjustable pockets that are incorporated into the inner Coolmax protective liner.

iXS Classic AR Cassidy Jeans Review

The Cassidy jeans have zipper fly with single-button closure. The jeans’ five-pocket, stonewashed outer denim material is made up of a thread combination of cotton and a touch of Elastine for stretch comfort. I used a tape measure to confirm 1.5 inches of stretch in the waistband. Now you can have a second helping of that apple pie and still feel comfortable on the ride home.

Most folks I know love how they look and feel wearing expensive jeans but can’t justify the extra cost. iXS has given you the justification—dual-purpose jeans. These Classic AR Cassidy jeans look and feel like a million bucks off the motorcycle, and they are technical jeans with Kevlar and CE-rated armor protection.

iXS offers the Cassidy jeans in two-inch increments in the waist from 30 to 48 and three inseams of 30, 32, and 34. I wear a 34×32 in everyday jeans and my everyday roper heel boots. I got the 36-inch waist jeans because I occasionally wear under layers for warmth. I went with the 34 length because I find that the extra two inches down at my boot keep my jeans from riding up when I have my boots up on my Yamaha Venture’s highway pegs. They are easy to hem if you find they are too long.

The Kevlar is all over the inside, rather than strategically placed. The Kevlar and Coolmax inner liners end just below the back of the knee, and the front ends about where the top of my boot hits.

iXS Motorcycle Jeans Reviews

Putting the iXS Cassidy jeans on for the first time, I immediately noticed that my toes didn’t snag on the knee armor pocket. I pulled my foot back out and saw that the knee armor is inserted from the bottom of the adjustable pouch, leaving a smooth stitched transition. Nice touch!

My wife and I went for a day ride, and when we arrived at our destination, we went to an outside café for a cold drink. She was wearing her everyday jeans, and I was wearing the iXS AR Cassidy jeans. We were sitting side by side on high-top chairs in the direct sun. After about 20 minutes, she told me her thighs were burning, and we had to leave. It was then that I noticed my thighs were actually comfortable.

Now that I was paying attention, I could feel the Coolmax liner wicking away moisture from my skin, keeping my thighs comfortable. That accidental comparison was quite striking. Previously, on rides crossing the Mojave Desert, I would pour water from my hydration pack on my thighs to help keep me cool. Now, with these iXS jeans, simply shifting my boot on the highway pegs sends the freeway wind up my leg, making the Coolmax wicking capability even more noticeable.

For all my previous Kevlar riding jeans, I had a tailor add a diamond gusset to the crotch. Because I am a gas-stop to gas-stop type of rider, the extra space in the crotch eliminated any annoying tightness down there. The iXS Cassidy jeans are very comfortable in the riding position of my Venture, with no tension points or riding up in the crotch. Between the design and the stretch denim, these jeans are just plain comfortable.

iXS Classic AR Cassidy Jeans: Motorcycle Touring

I have a lady friend who recently started riding with the women’s iXS Classic AR Cassidy jeans. She normally wears a women’s size 8 in everyday jeans, and the iXS size 32 fits her correctly. Using my friend for comparison, you ladies might want to size up two inches in the waist to get a comfortable fit.

She told me that while most motorcycle pants leave a big gap at her lower back, the iXS jeans hug her perfectly. She noticed immediately how much cooler the iXS jeans feel compared to her other Kevlar jeans. The Coolmax liner makes a huge difference on hot days. She added that in her café style riding position, most jeans bind behind her knee, and the iXS jeans do not. Like me, she will be wearing them as casual wear, too, as they look and feel so good.

I am not brave enough to purposely test the slide protection of these jeans, but I did test the knee armor. Feeling confident in the CE rating, I dropped to both knees on concrete, and all I felt was a thud. This CE knee armor truly dissipated the impact.

iXS is a Swiss company and has been making motorcycle riding apparel since 1979. The iXS Classic AR Cassidy motorcycle jeans are stylish, comfortable to wear, comfortable in the heat, protective, and made for durability. I expect I will get many years of protection and comfort from my new iXS jeans. If you were thinking about buying protective jeans that don’t look or feel like protective jeans, consider the iXS Classic AR Cassidy.

iXS Classic AR Cassidy Jeans Fast Facts


  • Waist: 30-48
  • Length: 30-36 (not all lengths available in all waist sizes)
  • Color: Blue

iXS Classic AR Cassidy Jeans Price: $250 MSRP