Harley-Davidson by Rizoma Collection First Look: 5 Premium Pieces

The iconic Italian accessory brand Rizoma has collaborated for the Harley-Davidson by Rizoma collection of Harley-Davidson Parts and Accessories. Although the focus is on high-end detail pieces for the LiveWire, many of the Rizoma goodies fit a wide range of motorcycles from The Motor Company. Let’s dig into the five new ways to give the American iron a bit of Italian flavor.

Harley-Davidson By Rizoma Collection: Rider Pegs

  • Harley-Davidson by Rizoma Rider Footpegs. These squared-off pegs with serious texture offer a high-traction large platform for boots. The machined billet-aluminum footrests have an aggressive appearance. The footpegs fit the LiveWire, as well as selected Softails from 2018 to the present. Harley-Davidson by Rizoma Rider Footpegs Price: $250/pair MSRP.

Harley-Davidson By Rizoma Collection: Passenger Pegs

  • Harley-Davidson by Rizoma Passenger Footpegs. These pegs are a perfect complement to the Harley-Davidson by Rizoma Rider Footpegs, offering the same features and price. Like the Rider Footpegs, the Harley-Davidson and Rizoma branding come via sharp laser-cut logos. Harley-Davidson by Rizoma Passenger Footpegs Price: $250/pair MSRP.

Harley-Davidson By Rizoma Collection: Hand Grips

  • Harley-Davidson by Rizoma Hand Grips. With a textured rubber grip to improve your hold on the motorcycle, these billet aluminum grips are a generous 1.44 inches in diameter. The black-on-black finish focuses on style over branding. In addition to fitting the LiveWire, they work on a wide variety of Softails and Touring models dating as far back as 2008. Harley-Davidson by Rizoma Hand Grips Price: $200/pair MSRP.

Harley-Davidson By Rizoma Collection: Mirrors

  • Harley-Davidson by Rizoma Mirrors. You can look good while you have a functional view of the world behind you. Triangular with rounded corners, the outer edge of the mirrored portion is aspherical to widen the view. The black-on-black mirrors are billet aluminum, with laser-cut Harley-Davidson and Rizoma logos tastefully applied. These mirrors fit most H-Ds dating back to 1982, with the largest exception being Sportster models. Harley-Davidson by Rizoma Mirrors Price: $280/pair MSRP.

Harley-Davidson By Rizoma Collection: Charger Door

  • Harley-Davidson by Rizoma LiveWire Charge Door. This billet aluminum piece, featuring the bar-and-shield logo, fits every electric-powered Harley-Davidson model. Harley-Davidson by Rizoma Charge Door Price: $200 MSRP.

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