Cardo Packtalk Black Special Edition First Look: “Darker, Edgier”

To paraphrase Henry Ford, Cardo has announced a new special edition of the Packtalk communication device and “Any customer can have it painted any color that he wants, so long as it is black.” That’s the new cool thing about the new Packtalk Black—it’s black. So, it goes with pretty much any helmet, and should look especially stealth on a black helmet.

Being a special edition, the Cardo Packtalk Black does demand a premium. While the Packtalk Bold has the same design as the flagship Cardo Packtalk Black, you will pay an additional $50 for the privilege of exclusivity. A single Packtalk Black has an MSRP of $390.

Cardo Packtalk Black Special Edition First Look: Price

“The Packtalk Black is the ultimate choice for riders who demand the highest level of style and performance, coupled with the industry’s best, most proven and reliable technology,” according to Cardo Systems’ Chief Marketing Officer Dan Emodi. “With the industry’s first, and only three-year complete warranty, riders can reap the benefits of Packtalk’s superior, proven technology, and unmatched features, but do so with a darker, edgier expression of personal style.”

The Cardo Packtalk Black does offer the same feature set as the Packtalk Bold and Packtalk Slim. To start, the 45mm JBL speakers pump out great sound, which can be appreciated by people who use the system as an intercom, telephone, navigator, or music player.

Cardo Packtalk Black Special Edition First Look: MSRP

Intercom fans will like Cardo’s proprietary Dynamic Mech Communication software. When we tested the Packtalk Bold, the unit’s ability to join, separate, and rejoin a group of users is impressive. We also like the outstanding noise cancellation, as well as the 13 hours of battery life. The unit also boasts Natural Voice Operation, which still needs development. Sometimes it’s great—other times, the feature is frustrating.

Like any brand, the Cardo prefers to connect to its related communications devices, even though it will join in with other devices, sometimes at reduced function. Cardo offers four versions of its Freecom series units, as well as the two other Packtalk models, so there’s a good chance that other riders will have a Cardo of their own—even if it’s not all-black.