Avon Roadrider MKII Tires First Look: Vintage Rubber + Modern Tech

Essential to any vintage motorcycle is the proper rubber. The new Avon Roadrider MKII tire builds on the original version, offering authentic styling with contemporary technology. Royal Enfield taps the Roadrider MKII for its 350cc single-cylinder motorcycles, which are the most retro in the Indian brand’s lineup.

According to Avon, the new Roadrider MKII focuses on wet and dry performance during acceleration, deceleration, and cornering. Durability gets a lower priority. This will please riders of vintage sport motorcycles who enjoy pushing the envelope.

To get there, Avon gave the Roadrider MKII an all-new construction, with stability being a primary goal. To keep the tires in great shape longer, the new sidewall is designed to fight ozone degradation. As many vintage motorcycles are run infrequently, this should extend the life of the tire.

Avon is offering the Roadrider MKII in dozens of sizes, both width and wheel diameter. Further, some of the sizes are available in two speed ratings.

“The Roadrider MKII will enable us to build on the success of the Roadrider,” Global Avon Motorcycle Manager Dominic Clifford says. “Our design team have done a brilliant job to take the many successful elements of the Roadrider and improve them further. Given the strong benchmark, this was no mean feat.”

Owned by Cooper Tire & Rubber Company, Avon has been in the tire business since 1904, with the vintage-friendly Avon Roadrider MKII its latest creation.

Avon Roadrider MKII Tire Size Chart

Avon Roadrider MKII Sizes Application
90/90 x 19 Front
120/70 x 17 Front
110/80 x 17 Front
100/80 x 17 Front
150/70 x 18 Rear
140/70 x 18 Rear
130/70 x 18 Rear
130/80 x 18 Rear
120/80 x 18 Rear
4.00 x 18 Rear
150/70 x 17 Rear
140/70 x 17 Rear
130/80 x 17 Rear
130/90 x 17 Rear
150/80 x 16 Rear
MT90 x 16 Rear
160/80 x 15 Rear
100/90 x 19 F/R
3.25 x 19 F/R
120/90 x 18 F/R
110/80 x 18 F/R
100/90 x 18 F/R
90/90 x 18 F/R
140/80 x 17 F/R
130/70 x 17 F/R
120/80 x 17 F/R
120/90 x 17 F/R
110/70 x 17 F/R