Harley-Davidson New Rider Initiatives: Two New Programs

Most motorcycle riders have had friends ask about learning to ride. While some motorcyclists take on the teaching job themselves, it can quickly turn into a YouTube fail video. There are two new Harley-Davidson programs designed to transform someone who has never ridden a motorcycle before into a life-long motorcyclist.

Experience the Ride

Experience The Ride is a quick and easy introduction to motorcycle riding for someone who has never been on the seat and taken hold of the grips. A professional coach puts the new rider on a Harley-Davidson Street 500 in a specialized practice area. The motorcycle is modified to accommodate the needs of someone with no riding experience.

The goal of Experience The Ride is to provide a brief, safe taste of motorcycle riding. It takes just 90 minutes to complete the program. With the familiarity built by Experience The Ride, a new rider can progress to a full how-to-ride class.

Learn to Ride

Previously, The Motor Company only offered the Harley-Davidson Riding Academy New Rider Course, and that option still exists. The new Learn To Ride class takes the lessons from the Academy and personalizes them.

Learn To Ride is designed for a single rider, though it can be expanded to a private group of four riders. This gives the participants a high level of attention, making it possible for them to learn every skill needed to earn a motorcycle endorsement on their licenses.

Instead of learning each skill as a group, the personalized training can focus on what each rider needs to know—repeating that which needs repetition, and moving on when a skill is quickly learned. Additionally, it removes the pressure of the learner to keep up with a large group.

With this personal attention, the student can progress more rapidly, and can learn to ride in a single day. The Harley-Davidson Riding Academy is there for those who prefer a multi-day curriculum and riding with a group.

Participation in both new programs can be scheduled at the Personal Coach Finder website operated by Harley-Davidson. Those who would like the sound of the Riding Academy can get more information on the Harley-Davidson website.