Rever On Apple CarPlay: Motorcycle Navigation App

Rever on Apple CarPlay

Rever, the popular motorcycle-oriented navigation app, is now available on Apple CarPlay. Despite the name, Apple CarPlay is now available on selected Honda and Harley-Davidson touring motorcycles.

According to Rever, it is the first navigation app on CarPlay that gives the user the power to design customized routes. Apps such as Apple’s Maps, Google Maps, and Waze guide the user to a destination, though the route is determined by the app.

In addition to allowing route customization, Rever gives users access to thousands of curated routes for motorcycle touring and riding. The Rever-approved routes are ranked so you’ll know if you will meet your standards for riding. Rever also works for dual-sport and off-road motorcyclists, as it is not restricted to paved byways. Rever, which was founded in 2015, is based in Eagle, Colorado, which is right in the heart of some of the best motorcycling roads in the world.

“Moving the Rever experience closer to the vehicle and simplifying interactions while riding or driving has been a major focus of ours since we started Rever,” the company’s Co-Founder Mark Roebke said. “With Apple CarPlay we can now offer a seamless integration that helps Rever push the boundaries of what connected vehicles offer by way of capability and convenience.”

Rever on Apple CarPlay

Even if you don’t have CarPlay on your motorcycle yet, Rever continues to be an iOS and Android app. That means you can mount your smartphone in an appropriate location on your motorcycle and access Rever in that manner. For those who don’t like apps, your smartphone can also use the website for navigation.

In addition to Rever’s navigation functions, it also has aspects of social media. For instance, you can use Rever to share maps with friends, or take on challenges from other Rever users. There is also an optional Rever Pro upgrade for $4 per month that unlocks highly sophisticated tracking features, as well as access to Butler Maps road recommendations.