2020 GasGas Lineup First Look (11 Fast Facts with photos)

2020 GasGas TXT Racing 250

Yes, it is a bit late to be getting a first look at the 2020 GasGas lineup in the United States. The purchase of GasGas by the Pierer Mobility Group, which also owns KTM and Husqvarna, meant the American presence of GasGas had to be worked out. The result is a four-motorcycle TXT Racing line-up of its trials motorcycles, with the enduro and motocross motorcycles on hold for the time being.

Let’s reacquaint ourselves with what a GasGas TXT Racing observed trials motorcycle is.

2020 GasGas Lineup First Look - TXT Racing 300
2020 GasGas TXT Racing 300

1. The chassis is shared by all four motors. That means a 13.2-pound perimeter frame with chromoly steel tubing that has a 1.5mm wall thickness. There is no traditional rear subframe, with the airbox taking on double duty to accomplish that job. The aluminum swingarm is hollow to save weight. The dry weight—a number we find of limited value—of the GasGas TXT Racing models is 149 pounds, with the 125 hitting the scales one-pound lighter.

2. A mix of brands takes care of the suspension. The 39mm fork is by Tech, a brand familiar to trials riders of various brands, while the shock is an Öhlins unit. There is adjustment for spring-preload and rebound-damping at both ends. Expect future GasGas trials bikes to have WP suspension—a brand also owned by Pierer Mobility Group.

3. The three largest 2020 GasGas TXT Racing two-stroke motors share the same stroke. Whether you get the 300, 280, or 250, you get an engine with a 60mm stroke. All three retain confidently oversquare configurations. The 125 model is just shy of being perfectly square—54mm bore and 54.5mm stroke—to give it a bit more torque. A remarkably compact patented six-speed transmission is matched to a diaphragm clutch with a self-adjusting Braktec master cylinder.

2020 GasGas Lineup First Look - TXT Racing 250
2020 GasGas TXT Racing 250

4. A Keihin PWK 28mm carburetor feeds the motors. Air is filtered by Twin Air foam.

5. Although there is no EFI system, there are two power modes. Rather than having names, the modes use pictograms next to the frame-mounted switch. There’s a rendering of a shining sun, and another of a cloud dropping rain.

6. To keep the motor cool at low speeds, the radiator has a thermostat-triggered electric fan.

2020 GasGas Lineup First Look - TXT Racing 280
2020 GasGas TXT Racing 280

7. The fuel tank holds 2.5 quarts of premix. Yes, quarts, not gallons. GasGas recommends an 80:1 fuel-to-oil ratio.

8. Those NG brake rotors are tiny, light weight, and grasped by Braktec calipers. The front caliper is a four-piston monoblock unit.

9. Longer-wearing Michelin tires are employed on the 2020 GasGas TXT Racing motorcycles. It’s an X11 tubeless radial in the rear, and a Trial Competition bias-ply tube-type front—both are highly regarded. The rims are aluminum.

2020 GasGas Lineup First Look - TXT Racing 125
2020 GasGas TXT Racing 125

10. The positioning of the four models is fairly straightforward. The 125 is for lighter riders who demand smooth power, and for youngsters moving up from minis. The 125 is also the least-expensive TXT Racing model by $600. The 250 is the everyman’s GasGas TXT Racing model, with ample power delivered smoothly. For heavier riders, those who demand strong engine performance—not necessarily benefit in lower classes, and non-competitive exploration-style riders, the 280 and 300 are there to satisfy that need. We will have a test of the 2020 GasGas TXT Racing 250 shortly.

11. All four models are available now at GasGas dealers. The prices range from $7899 for the TXT Racing 300 to $7099 for the TXT Racing 125. All four models are made in Spain at the existing GasGas factory.

2020 GasGas TXT Racing 300, 280, 250 and 125 Specs


  • Type: 2-stroke single
  • Displacement: 300: 294cc; 280: 272cc; 250: 248cc; 125: 125cc
  • Bore x stroke: 300: 79 x 60mm; 280: 76 x 60mm; 250: 72.5 x 60mm; 125: 54 x 54.5mm
  • Fuel delivery: 28mm Keihin PWK carburetor
  • Lubrication: Premix, 80:1
  • Transmission: 6-speed
  • Clutch: Diaphragm w/ hydraulic actuation


  • Frame: Chromoly steel tube w/ hollow aluminum swingarm
  • Front suspension; travel: Spring-preload and rebound-damping adjustable Tech 39mm fork w/ brace; 7.1 inches
  • Rear suspension; travel: Linkage-assisted, spring-preload and rebound-damping adjustable Öhlins shock; 6.9 inches
  • Wheels: Wire-spoke w/ aluminum rim
  • Front wheel: 21 x 1.60
  • Rear wheel: 18 x 2.15
  • Front tire: 2.75 x 21; Michelin Trial Competition bias-ply tube-type
  • Rear tire: 4.00 x 18; Michelin Trial X11 radial tubeless
  • Front brake: 185mm NG Wave floating disc w/ monoblock 4-piston Braktec caliper
  • Rear brake: 150mm NG Wave disc w/ 2-piston Braktec caliper


    • Wheelbase: 52 inches
    • “Seat” height: 24.8 inches
    • Fuel capacity: 2.5 quarts
    • Dry weight: 149 pounds (125: 148 pounds)


      • 2020 GasGas TXT Racing 300: $7899 MSRP
      • 2020 GasGas TXT Racing 280: $7799 MSRP
      • 2020 GasGas TXT Racing 250: $7599 MSRP
      • 2020 GasGas TXT Racing 125: $7099 MSRP

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