Joe Rocket Accelerator Jeans: Extremely Long-Term Test

Joe Rocket Accelerator Jeans Review - Motorcycle Pants

I have been wearing a pair of Joe Rocket Accelerator jeans for three years or so, and I keep waiting for them to wear out. Amazingly, after countless rides and a good number of washings, these motorcycle pants refuse to give up. The stitching is still intact and, though they have a nice patina, they aren’t excessively faded. They’ve been used on cruisers, sportbikes, ADV motorcycles, and dual sport bikes, and I have yet to find a basis for complaint.

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The Joe Rocket Accelerator jeans are definitely my go-to casual motorcycle pants in the summertime. Many motorcycle jeans are quite warm in the summer, as the material doesn’t flow much air. The aramid-reinforced denim used by Joe Rocket doesn’t have a heat build-up issue. Part of the credit may go to the stretch panels on the thighs and in the back below the belt. This gives air a chance to flow in, and a place for it to escape after it wicks away some heat. The flipside of this is that the Accelerator jeans can be chilly at speed in the winter—I usually switch to something like the Cortech The Primary jeans, which are quite warm.

Comfort is outstanding, thanks to a thin cotton layer between the skin and the denim. It extends from the waist to just below the knee to make sure it doesn’t interfere with boot fit as it does its job of isolating the rider from the rougher material.

Joe Rocket Accelerator Jeans Review - Motorcycle Pants

The Joe Rocket Accelerator jeans’ denim is the middleweight 12-ounce variety, and it is soft and compliant. Along with the stretch panels, you can move around on your motorcycle at will, and they are not cumbersome for typical sport riding. Cruiser riders will love them all the time.

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Abrasion protection comes from the heat-resistant aramid fibers woven into the pants. If you’re looking for impact protection, that comes from optional Joe Rocket C.E. knee armor at $25/pair. They fit in a pocket inside the knees and are easy to install, though it takes some adjusting to get it them just right. Once correctly positioned, you’ll hardly notice the armor is there.

Joe Rocket didn’t skimp on pockets for the Accelerator jeans—there are seven! You have the standard two deep pockets in the front and back, plus a watch pocket on the front right. The bonus pockets are in front of the standard hand pockets. They are zippered, with a flap covering them to make them inconspicuous. My iPhone 7 fits into either of the pockets, and the zipper closure makes for full confidence that the contents aren’t going anywhere.

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Walking around in the Joe Rocket Accelerator jeans isn’t much different than standard denim jeans. You might be self-conscious about the stretch panels in the legs, as it is not a typical look in streetwear. Beyond that, they look and feel great off the motorcycle.

Years of testing the Joe Rocket Accelerator jeans have made them one of my favorite pieces of motorcycle apparel in my closets. Especially if it’s warm, if I’m going out for a casual ride, they are my first choice. I don’t know how long they’re going to last, but given how little they’ve worn over the years, I expect it will be a long time—not bad for $100 MSRP.

Photography by Kelly Callan

Joe Rocket Accelerator Jeans Fast Facts
Sizes: Regular, 30-42; Short, 30-38
Color: Blue Denim
Joe Rocket Accelerator Jeans Price: $100 MSRP