Three Electric Yamaha Scooters: First Look From Tokyo Auto Show

Three Yamaha Electric Scooters - Tokyo Auto Show

Yamaha displayed three scooters of interest at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show. Two of them are concept scooters, while the other is a production machine, and all of them are powered by electricity. Let’s poke our nose into the world of these three electric Yamaha scooters and take a look at the future of urban two-wheeling.

Three Yamaha Electric Scooters - eVino
Yamaha E-Vino

Yamaha E-Vino. This e-scooter is already on showroom floors in Japan, though we are still waiting in the United States. The ICE version of the Vino is a 50, and the E-Vino is designed to work at that basic level. It’s undoubtedly a great looking scooter, with organic lines—an appealing mix of modern and vintage. Features include smooth takeoff, and lots of low-speed torque. The battery can be easily replaced—great for when you don’t have time for charging—and there are two normal riding modes. When the Yamaha E-Vino makes it to San Francisco, riders can engage the special boost mode designed to tackle hills.

Three Yamaha Electric Scooters - E01
Yamaha E01

Yamaha E01 Concept. Futuristic in appearance, the Yamaha E01 concept scooter is designed to work in the performance range of 125cc four-stroke motors. While it appears to have Bridgestone slicks, it’s intended for urban duty. Of course, those large disc brakes and the beefy shock do indicate that the Yamaha E01 will have strong performance capabilities. There is plenty of room for a battery, and it has a fast-charge capability. We haven’t sat on it, but that colossal seat on the E01 looks to be seriously comfortable.

Three Yamaha Electric Scooters - E02
Yamaha E02

Yamaha E02 Concept. This is another scooter that will be competing against 50cc four-strokes. We like the IRC tires, as well as the innovative final drive to the rear wheel. Yamaha is mum on that right now, so we will have to wait and see. The Yamaha E02 Concept has traditional forks and a front disc brake along with a striking front wheel. It’s a sleek design that is also practical. The battery can be hot-swapped when necessary.

The theme at Yamaha Motor’s booth at the Tokyo Motor Show was “There Is Greater Joy Yet to Come—ART for Human Possibilities.” These peeks into the future are intriguing and inspirational.