2020 Triumph Bonneville T120 and T100 Bud Ekins Editions: First Look

2020 Triumph Bonneville T120 and T100 Bud Ekins Editions: First Look

2020 Triumph Bonneville Bud Ekins Editions (10 Fast Facts)

If you have any interest in Steve McQueen, classic desert, motocross and ISDT racing, and Triumph Bonnevilles, you surely know the name, Bud Ekins.

Ekins was one of SoCal's top racers in the 1950s, winning multiple races on Triumphs, including the Catalina Grand Prix on a TR5 Trophy. This led to a strong relationship with the British brand, and the eventual opening of Ekins' North Hollywood Triumph dealership that attracted many famed actors of the time, including Paul Newman, Clint Eastwood, and Steve McQueen.

Triumph Bud Ekins T100 Bonneville

Ekins introduced McQueen to desert racing, and their relationship eventually led to Ekins becoming the stunt rider for 1962's The Great Escape, piloting a Triumph TR6 Trophy in the famed jump scene. This opened the proverbial doors and launched Ekins' career as a Hollywood stunt rider. All the while, he remained faithful to Triumph.

Fast forward to 2020, and Triumph is celebrating its long-standing relationship with the late Ekins by releasing two new motorcycles—the 2020 Bud Ekins Bonneville T120 and T100 Special Editions.

Triumph Bud Ekins T100 Bonneville

Following is a first look at these two beauties.

1. Both bikes are built on stock T120 and T100 platforms, with upgraded paint, logos, and accessories.

2. Each model arrives with a two-color paint scheme and hand-painted coach lining that features a heritage Triumph logo, a first on a modern Triumph.

3. The bikes feature an Ekins flying globe logo on the tank and front mudguard, and "Bud Ekins" side panel branding.

Special Edition Triumph Ekins T100

4. Each motorcycle is also accessorized with a Monza cap on the gas tank, higher-spec LED turn signals, diamond-knurled grips and bar-end mirrors, and black engine badges.

5. Each Ekins Special Edition arrives with a certificate of authenticity signed by Triumph CEO Nick Bloor and Bud Ekins' daughters, Susan and Donna.

6. The Bonneville T120 Bud Ekins Special Edition features a 1200cc, eight-valve parallel-twin that produces 77 ft/lbs of torque at 3100 rpm and is mated to a six-speed transmission.

7. The Bonneville T100 Bud Ekins Special Edition has a 900cc, eight-valve parallel-twin that produces 59 ft/lbs of torque at 3200 rpm. The T100 gets by with a five-speed transmission.

T120 Bud Ekins Motorcycle

8. Both models have with ABS, switchable traction control, a torque-assist clutch for a lighter clutch pull, and the iconic twin gauge instrumentation.

9. Both models enjoy red-and-white paint jobs. The T120 has red on the top of the gas tank with a black Triumph logo on the lower white portion of the tank, and a white front fender. The T100 has white on the top of the gas tank with a gold Triumph logo on the lower red portion of the tank and a red fender.

10. Pricing for the 2020 Triumph Bud Ekins T120 is $12,350, and the T100 is $10,950. Availability has yet to be announced.

Triumph Bud Ekins Bonneville Special Editions: Photo Gallery