Schuberth M1 Pro Motorcycle Helmet Review

M1 Pro Schuberth Review

Schuberth M1 Pro Motorcycle Helmet Review: Jet-Powered

Schuberth, of Magdeburg, Germany, has released a reboot of its M1 three-quarter helmet. Now called the M1 Pro, it is part of the species known as “jet helmets” produced by many manufacturers.

Jet helmets are identified by open-face, three-quarter construction and large face shield making it look a bit like a jet fighter pilot’s headgear. The Schuberth M1 Pro certainly fits the bill.

Schuberth M1 Pro TestThe Schuberth M1 Pro has the unique ability to easily remove the full shield and replace it with a slim, plastic peak that changes the function. That allows the rider to wear goggles or sunglasses for an old school, more open and casual look.

The M1 Pro, like all Schuberth helmets, share the same style shield locking mechanism making for some of the easiest shield swaps of any brand. The shield has pins for an anti-fog insert, but a Pinlock lens is not included.

The biggest setback testing Schuberth's M1 Pro reboot of their M1 helmet was waiting for appropriate weather here in Southern California. The entire USA has been suffering under a cold and wet spring. Now, in mid-June of 2019, we are finally entering real riding season—we have gone from cold and wet immediately into the heat of summer. This is where the M1 Pro shines.

The M1 Pro is the only jet helmet in Schuberth’s well-rounded lineup. It might be the perfect lid for rides when the weather is moderate and speeds reasonable.

What’s new? The M1 Pro model eliminated the 3D top vent and has changed to a single opening vent. The built-in speakers have been updated, and it’s a few ounces lighter. The interior has also been updated to offer a nicer feel.

Schuberth equips all M1 Pro helmets with speakers, microphone, antenna, and wiring. To add Bluetooth functionality, one need only unsnap a plastic cover from the rear of the helmet and snap-in either the Cardo SRC-System M1 or Sena SC1M. The allows you to enjoy music, phone calls, and bike-to-bike or passenger communications. The procedure could not be made easier. Charge it up, pair to your phone or GPS, and you are up and running.

M1 Pro Schuberth Review

I tried the sleek Cardo SRC unit, which has the controls located along the bottom edge and behind the left ear. The controls are easy to use, though finding the three control buttons requires sliding my fingers along the control strip to make sure I pressed the one I wanted. It’s not hard, but it takes longer than I would like to find the right button. Larger bumps on the three controls might make it easier to use and allow me to get my hand back on the grip sooner.

I did not sample the Sena SC1M. This unit clips into the helmet in the same manner and uses a wireless remote control for operation. The control may be attached to the side of the helmet or mounted elsewhere using the supplied universal clip. I've used Sena's remote controls on other models, and it is easier and faster to make changes without having my left hand off the grip. The SC1M has more features than the Cardo unit, in that it includes FM radio, 4 vs. 2 intercom partners, and allows music sharing.

I’ve tried BT communicators from both Sena and Cardo and have found their online programming and firmware updates to be easy to manage and install. If I were to start over, I’d probably opt for the Sena unit simply because of the remote and other features not included with the Cardo unit.

Naturally, helmet sizes and profile shapes are unique to each rider. I have always matched Schuberth’s typical oval perfectly. Not surprisingly, the M1 Pro fit just right and adheres to the manufacturer’s standard with no surprises. Also typical is the micro-lock ratchet chinstrap and helmet-edge actuated drop-down sun visor. Schuberth was the first to produce that sun visor, which is now common throughout the industry.

As with all Schuberth's products, fit-and-finish is top-quality, both inside and out. The new liner is removable and washable. It is plush, with great attention to detail in the way the internal pieces fit together and caresses one's head. The exterior is flawless—from paint to graphics, to its even seams and overall detail. The Schuberth M1 Pro has a certain fine presence one senses when holding and examining it.

Schuberth Jet Helmet

The shell is uniquely composed of “an endless spool of glass fiber being cut into pieces by a robot and blown into a mold,” according to a Schuberth spokesman. “A precisely defined quantity of resin is added to the pre-form, and it is then compressed at high pressure in a heated mold to create an exceptionally high-strength helmet shell. The multi-part construction of the inner shell allows for outstanding force absorption, thereby enhancing safety." I've said before, I am not paid enough to crash test helmets. So, I trust in more expensive helmets and equipment. I figure you get what you pay for, but I could be wrong in some cases.

The M1 Pro continues Schuberth’s use of its patented AROS, Anti Roll Off System. AROS utilizes a strap on each side of the head that connects from the back of the helmet to each side of the chin strap. It is designed so that, in the event of a crash, the retention system tightens and prevents the helmet from rolling off the rider’s head, as can happens during a frontal impact.

Riding with the helmet is a breeze, as its design suggests. I rode several days with it on a naked bike with no windshield and found the M1 Pro's large screen did about as good a job as one might expect. Even at freeway speeds the helmet did not buffet nor lift, and the wind was relatively calm without any annoying updrafts or turbulence.

Schuberth M1 strats

Background, wind, and other ambient sounds are well quieted due to construction, padding, and fit. The overall experience on the highway, in town, and strafing canyons is excellent.

I've worn full-face helmets almost exclusively for the past 15 years. I vividly remember my 3/4 wearing days and the open feeling they imparted. This new Schuberth M1 Pro is a welcome addition to my helmet collection and an order of magnitude different from those of the past.

Location photos by Zaid Awni

Schuberth M1 Pro Fast Facts

  • Sizes: XS (53); S (55); L (59); XL (61); XXL (63)
  • Colors: Strike White; Strike Black; Triple Yellow; Triple Red; Glossy White; Matt Black; Matt Stonegrey

Schuberth M1 Pro Price:

  • From $499 MSRP

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