Dunlop Sportmax Roadsmart II Tires First Look (5 Fast Facts)

Dunlop Roadsmart II Tires First Look - Rear 3/4

Dunlop Sportmax Roadsmart II Tires:
Sport-Touring Option Returns, Updated

If the Dunlop Sportmax Roadsmart III tires are a bit too rich for your blood, Dunlop has brought back the Roadsmart II. The good news is that the new Dunlop Sportmax Roadsmart II tires are updated from the old version. Let’s take a look at this more-affordable sport-touring rubber.

  1. The new Sportmax Roadsmart II tires have a familiar look. Dunlop brought back its tread pattern for the reemergence.
  2. New compounds differentiate the new Roadsmart II tires from the previous versions. Silica is now used to improve wet weather performance—a must for sport-touring aficionados.Dunlop Roadsmart II Tires First Look - Rear 3/4
  3. Riders who favor the sport end of the sport-touring balance will be happy with the updated Roadsmart IIs. According to a Dunlop spokesman, the “tire profiles and construction provide nimble, responsive handling.”
  4. Budget-conscious riders will appreciate that Dunlop claims “impressive mileage” from the Roadsmart II tires.Dunlop Sportmax Roadsmart II Tires - Rear Profile
  5. Although we don’t have a list of prices yet, Dunlop says the Sportmax Roadsmart II tires will be “available in sizes to fit a wide variety of sport-touring and naked bikes, as well as sport bikes.” That means that sport riders who have lesser demands on their tires and put on lots of miles can access the benefits of the Roadsmart II tires. There are two 17-inch choices for the front tire, as well as an 18-inch option. Four widths are available in the rear, running from 160 to 190, though only in 17-inch diameters. The tires have a W rating for speed, so keep your speeds below 168 mph with this rubber.

    Dunlop Sportmax Roadsmart II Tire Sizes
    120/60 x 17
    120/70 x 17
    120/70 x 18
    160/60 x 17
    170/60 x 17
    180/55 x 17
    190/50 x 17

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