Tourmaster Epic Touring Motorcycle Boots Review

Tourmaster Epic Boots Review:

Ready For The Open Road

While the name may be a bit of an overreach, the Tourmaster Epic Touring motorcycle boots are an impressive set of footwear for a penny less than $200 a pair. With comfort and waterproofing at the forefront, the Tourmaster Epic Touring boots meet the standard for long distance riding.

Built to CE standards for motorcycle boots, the Tourmaster Epic offer armor in the heel cups and toes for a strong base for your foot. Farther up the boot, there’s a dual-compound disc to protect your anklebone, along with a plastic shin protector. Once off the base of the boot, which feels nicely protective, comfort takes priority.

Getting the boots on is easy, thanks to a long inside-entry YKK zipper. The zipper feels a bit undersized, however, and is susceptible to fouling from dirt. You definitely want to keep your Tourmaster Epic boots clean for smoother zipper operation when donning or removing them. Hook-and-loop closure for the upper flap allows personalization of the fit to your calf area.

Whether riding or walking, the Tourmaster Epic boots work transparently. You don’t really notice they are on—the boots simply do their job and let you go about your business. You won’t feel awkward when walking into a restaurant for lunch—thanks going to the large polyester accordion panel in the instep and shaft area—the all-black faux-leather boots aren’t showy.

On the motorcycle, the Tourmaster Epic boots are flexible, making it easy to operate the shift lever and brake pedal. Interestingly, there’s a thermoplastic rubber toe protector on both sides of the boot, which will be welcome by riders of vintage motorcycles.

The sole is a wraparound design that nicely resists slipping when stopping on wet and oily roadways, as well as being a good platform for balancing your motorcycle at rest. If you have to push, there is plenty of traction in the sole.

The Tourmaster Epic Touring boot is an all-weather design, using an OutDry membrane to keep water at bay. Testing in various deluge conditions confirmed the effectiveness of the OutDry feature, as water never entered the boot. The boots were tested with touring pants over them, which we recommend when riding in inclement conditions. Tourmaster also boasts breathability, and the Epic boots did not overheat when the sun was out.

Sizing is as expected, with Wide options available.

Many times, simple is best, and the Tourmaster Epic Touring motorcycle boots bear that out. There is nothing complicated about the design. Instead, the boots stay out of your way as you go about your ride, never letting their presence be unwelcome.

Action photography by Joseph Agustin and Kevin Wing

Tourmaster Epic Touring Boots Fast Facts

Sizes: 7-14; Wide 8.5-14

Color: Black

Tourmaster Epic Touring Boots Price: $200 MSRP

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