Alpinestars Sequence Protection Long Sleeve Jacket Review: Dirt Tested

Spending money on high-quality protective gear isn’t glamorous. However, if you want to keep yourself on two wheels, it’s mandatory. Coming off a recent shoulder subluxation, I’ve been in the market for top-notch protection to replace my outdated off-road roost protector. After scouring the various offerings of body armor and roost protectors, I landed on the Alpinestars Sequence Protection long sleeve jacket.

Offering CE Level 1 certification, the Alpinestars Sequence Protection long sleeve jacket features built-in soft armor covering the chest, back, shoulders, and elbows. Also included is a hook-and-loop adjustable kidney belt that helps keep everything snug above the waist. Plus, there are tabs for attaching compatible neck support—such as Alpinestars’ BNS Tech Carbon neck brace.

When I first put the Sequence Protection jacket on, it felt a bit tight and slim fitting—I’m 6’ 2” and 195 pounds. There isn’t much in the way of adjustment, though for my body type the fit is adequate. As I hit the trail, I was immediately comfortable and impressed by the light feeling of the Alpinestars Sequence Protection long sleeve jacket.

I wear the jacket under a jersey and, even when riding on a moderate Southern California summer day, I am pleasantly surprised with the breathability. I stay relatively cool, and my hydration pack fit over the Sequence jacket noticeably better than it did over my old-school roost protector.

On my first post-injury ride, the jacket gave me the extra sense of security I needed to ride with confidence. The armor inserts stay in place, while the elbow and arm protection shields my arms from run-ins with tree branches and bushes.

The Alpinestars Sequence Protection jacket is not machine washable, as the armor is not removable. As a close-fitting garment, it gets hit with sweat in the summer months, in spite of the mesh. Washing has to be by hand, using a gentle hand wash detergent such as Soak.

I am having a durability issue. After a few rides, a small rip has begun in the lower arm sleeve section, as the mesh connecting the torso and sleeves is fairly thin.

Fortunately, I haven’t had the opportunity to test out the armor in a real-life crash, though I have seen first-hand the value of full upper-body armor. Overall, my experience with the Alpinestars Sequence Protection long-sleeve jacket is excellent, and it is part of my permanent kit.

Alpinestars Sequence Protection Long Sleeve Jacket Fast Facts
Sizes: S-2XL
Level 1 CE certification: Back, chest, shoulders, and elbows
Color: Black
Alpinestars Sequence Protection Long Sleeve Jacket Price: $200 MSRP