Ultimate Motorcycling 2018 Holiday Wish List


Holiday Wish List: Be Careful What You Wish For!

Christmas, Hanukkah, and other assorted holidays beckon, and that means it the time of year for receiving. Yes, we know it’s normally thought of as a time for giving, and we have no doubt that you have that covered.

Instead, we are going to throw some suggestions to you about what you might want to ask Santa and his non-denominational helpers to leave under the Yule tree in 2018.

We are not going to play favorites on our Sweet 16 Holiday Wish List, so let the wishing begin in alphabetical order.

Alpinestars-Nucleon-Motorcycle-Armor-protection-safety1. Alpinestars Nucleon Protection Collection. This is a gift anyone who loves you will be happy to give—the gift of protection and safety. Most jackets lack CE-rated back protection, and the Alpinestars Nucleon Collection allows you to upgrade your favorite existing jacket easily. The Nucleon collection also offers protection for your chest and coccyx. Sizes: Varies. Prices: From $20.

Arai-Corsair-X-RC-motocycle-helmet2. Arai Corsair-X RC Helmet. There are helmets, and then there are helmets. The RC in the Arai Corsair-X RC is for Racing Carbon. This is an ultra high-end limited edition helmet with technology straight from F1 and aerospace. If you think you’re worth it—and you probably are—it doesn’t hurt to ask. Sizes: XS-XL. Price: $3996.

Bridgestone-Battle-Wing-tires-adventure-ADV-motorcycle3. Bridgestone Battle Wing Tires. Fresh rubber for your adventure motorcycle is always a good idea. The highly regarded Bridgestone Battle Wing tires are a nice choice for street-focused ADV riding in all weather conditions, while allowing for some excursions into the dirt. Sizes: Front: 2.75 x 21; 3.00 x 21. Rear: 4.10 x 18; 4.60 x 18; 120/80 x 18. Prices: From $142.

Cellular-Interphone-Tour-Communications-Device-Motorcycle4. Cellularline Interphone Tour Communications. Even when we’re riding, we like to have the ability to communicate as needed—both between each other and the outside world. Cellularline is a big name in Europe that is new to the United States. We’re not done testing, but our initial experiences with the Interphone Tour unit have left us impressed. Price: $305.

Cortech-GX-Sport-4-motorcycle-jacket5. Cortech GX Sport 4.0 Jacket. Here’s a sport jacket that can be used in inclement weather, as well as sunny days. It has a waterproof Rainguard liner that is breathable, along with a thermal liner for cold days. CE protection is found in the shoulders and elbows, though not the back. Sizes: SX-4XL, plus Tall M-2X. Colors: Black; White/Black; Black/Hi-Vis; Gun Metal/Black (not all sizes in all colors). Price: $220.

Dunlop-Qualifier-Q4-Rear-Tire6. Dunlop Sportmax Q4 Tires. For highest-level track performance that is also usable on the street, the Dunlop Sportmax Q4 is a big favorite among us at Ultimate Motorcycling. Turn-in, stability, edge grip, and feel are all there at the highest of levels. Go with the Q3+ if you plan on riding in the rain or demand long wear. Sizes (all 17s): Front: 120/70. Rear: 180/55; 180/60; 190/50; 190/55; 200/55. Prices: From $202.

Ecstar-Spray-Cleaner-Polish-motorcycle7. Ecstar Spray Cleaner & Polish. While you need a Suzuki to take advantage of Ecstar’s excellent oil change kits, any bike will look better after an application of the Ecstar Spray Cleaner & Polish. We like to apply it right after washing, and then just before going out on a ride. Ask for this to be dropped in your stocking. Size: 14 oz. Price: $8.

Harley-Davidson-Vintage-Stripe-B06-motorcycle-helmet8. Harley-Davidson Vintage Stripe B06 Helmet. If you ride a Harley-Davidson, there is a decent chance you don’t wear a helmet. That is up to you, of course, but people who love you would be glad to get you some protection for your head while you ride. Even if you don’t like helmets, the new Vintage Stripe from H-D is pretty cool. C’mon, ask for it! Sizes: XS-3XL. Price: $395.

HJC-RPHA-11-Pro-Kylo-Ren-motorcycle-helmet-star-wars9. HJC RPHA 11 Pro Kylo Ren Helmet. This is a very cool crossover helmet—it combines motorcycling with Star Wars. Even if you only want to put this up on the wall of your garage, it’s worth getting as a piece of collectible popular art. However, the RPHA 11 Pro is an outstanding helmet in its own right, so you won’t want to restrict it to purely display duties. Sizes: XS-2XL. Prices: From $700.

iXS-Tour-Jacket-Montevideo-ST-motorcycle-adventure-touring10. iXS Tour Jacket Montevideo-ST. Here is another huge Euro brand looking to break into the US market. The distinctive Montevideo-ST works for both touring and ADV riding. The mesh lining has a water barrier, plus there are plenty of pockets for cargo and vents for airflow. Importantly, it features CE protection in the back, shoulders, and elbows. Sizes: M-3XL. Colors: Black-Grey. Price: Approx. $350.

Joe-Rocket-Alter-Ego-4-motorcycle-jacket-touring11. Joe Rocket Alter Ego 4.1 Jacket. This all-season jacket is actually two jackets in one—literally. It gives you all sorts of flexibility, and the ability to ride in both blistering heat and torrential rain. You’ll get CE-approved elbow and shoulder armor only, so be sure to also ask for some legit back protection to slip in the rear pocket. Sizes: S-2XL. Colors: Black/Black; Red/Black; Black/Hi-Viz Neon; Black/Gun Metal (not all colors in all sizes). Prices: From $250.

Muc-Off-Visor-Lens-Goggle-Cleaning-Kit-Motorcycle12. Muc-Off Visor, Lens & Goggle Cleaning Kit. How many times have you been out riding and had a bug splat right in the middle of your faceshield or goggle lens? Yeah, same here. Muc-Off’s Visor, Lens & Goggle Cleaning Kit, which is a cleaning solution and microfiber cloth, comes in a handy little bag so you can take it with you on your next ride. This is something you definitely want in your stocking. Price: $16.

Pirelli-Scorpion-MX32-tires-motocross-dirt-motorcycle-13. Pirelli Scorpion MX32 Tires. A hugely successful motocross tire in MXGP competition, the Pirelli Scorpion MX32 also works in American dirt. The tread pattern wraps around the carcass for outstanding cornering with center knobs reinforced for maximum acceleration and braking. Sizes: All popular widths and profiles for 21- and 19-inch rims. Compounds: Mid Soft; Mid Hard. Prices: From $40.

Sena-10C-Pro-motorcycle-helmet-camera-communications-intercom14. Sena 10C Pro Communications. For riders who like to shoot video while they’re riding, connect to a smartphone, and communicate with up to three other riders up to a mile away, the Sena 10C Pro does it all. The video shoots at either 1440p at 30 fps or 1080p at 60 fps. A smartphone app helps you set up the 10C Pro via WiFi, while Bluetooth takes care of other connections. Price: $349.

Shoei-JO-helmet-open-face-vintage-motorcycle15. Shoei J•O Helmet. If you are looking for a stylish open-face helmet with plenty of modern safety features, the Shoei J•O does the job. Some of the graphics treatments are stunning, and the interchangeable integrated drop-down eye shield is a great feature. Sizes:XS-XXL. Colors: Carburetor TC-6; Carburetor TC-8; Nostalgia TC-10; Sequel TC-10; Sequel TC-5; Matte Black; Matte Brown; Rat Grey; Black; Off-White. Prices: Solids, $379; Graphics, $449.

Tour-Master-Advanced-Motorcycle-Jacket16. Tour Master Advanced Jacket. Available for men and women, the Tour Master Advanced jacket is ready come rain or shine. A Rainguard barrier keeps you dry, a removable full-sleeve liner is warming, and vents keep the air flowing when needed. CE-rated armor is there for your shoulders and elbows only, so you will need to upgrade the back protection. Men’s sizes: XS-5XL, including Tall sizes. Women’s sizes: XS-XL, including Plus sizes. Colors: Black; Black/Grey; Black/Hi-Viz (not all sizes in all colors). Price: $200.