2019 Alpinestars Motorcycle Collection Debuts (Top 12 Must-See New Items)

Alpinestars Supertech M10 Helmet

2019 Alpinestars Motorcycle Collection Debuts / On- and Off-Road

We aren’t just seeing 2019 motorcycles at this time of the year. Alpinestars has also released its 2019 apparel. We dug through dozens of new items from Alpinestars and came up with 12 must-see pieces from the 2019 Alpinestars Motorcycle Collection.

  1. Alpinestars Supertech M10 Helmet. Alpinestars started with a clean sheet of paper with this one. The outer shell has multiple carbon fiber and Aramid fiber layers, with the four sizes from Small to XL each having a uniquely sized outer shell and MIPS-equipped EPS liner for ideal fit. Additionally, the padding can be adjusted to customize the fit.
    Alpinestars Supertech M10 Helmet
    Alpinestars Supertech M10 Helmet

    Other features include compatibility with neck braces and hydration systems, plus an innovative peak mounting system. Alpinestars claims a weight of three pounds even for the Medium version. By November, there will be a choice of seven colors. Prices start at $580.

  1. Alpinestars Tech 10 Boots. The Tech 10 line has been a high-end premium boot for years, and Alpinestars has designed the all-new Tech 10 to keep it there. The big news is the new double-pivot system to increase flexibility and rider control. Protection for the foot is enhanced by a one-piece foot
    Alpinestars Tech 10 Boots
    Alpinestars Tech 10 Boots

    chassis that integrates Alpinestars’ Dynamic Heel Compression Protector. The bootie is retained, and has been completely redesigned. It’s lighter and has additional protection against unwanted ankle rotation while continuing to allow needed movement. The buckles are also new, as is the sole. Sizes range from 7-14 (40.5-49.5 Euro), and a pair runs $600.

  1. Alpinestars Andes Pro Drystar Jacket (Men and Women). The ADV sector is still alive and well, and Alpinestars has upped it jacket game with the new Andes Pro Drystar jacket. The big news is that it’s the first adventure jacket to incorporate Tech-Air compatibility. Beyond that, the Andes Pro Drystar is
    Alpinestars Andes Pro Drystar Jacket
    Alpinestars Stella Andes Pro Drystar Jacket

    waterproof, has plenty of venting options, CE protection in the elbow and shoulders (add the optional Nucleon chest and back protection for use sans Tech-Air), waterproof front cargo pockets, and adjustments for personalizing the fit. Women aren’t left out, as their version has all the same features as the men’s edition, but with a feminine cut. Men’s sizes run from S to 4XL, with the Stella edition only going to 2XL. The price is unisex—$550 in both cases.

  1. Alpinestars Missile 2-Piece Leather Suit. The one-piece Missile leather suit has been a big hit for Alpinestars, so it makes sense that they would develop a two-piece version for street riders, along with the occasional track day enthusiast. The Missile 2-Piece has the protective features of the racing suit, and zips together with a heavy-duty zipper
    Alpinestars Missile 2-Piece Leather Suit
    Alpinestars Missile 2-Piece Leather Suit

    that goes all the way around the pant/jacket interface. The jacket is Tech-Air compatible, and there is CE protection for your shoulders, elbows, and knees. Alpinestars Nucleon protection is available as an option for your back (if you don’t go with Tech-Air) and chest—don’t pass on that. Sizes range from 46 to 60, and the MSRP is $1000.

  2. Alpinestars Vika v2 Collection (Leather jacket, pants, gloves, and boots). When Alpinestars debuted its Vika collection a few years ago, it turned heads—it was high couture for motorcycle-riding urban females. The new full-grain leather Vika v2 collection is designed to improve fit and flexibility, as well as retain the appeal to fashion. Given the fashion focus, protection is reduced, as the Vika v2 jacket has no option for a back protector, though CE shoulder and elbow protection is standard. The Vika v2 pants get the updated fit, along with removable CE knee
    The Alpinestars Collection
    Alpinestars Vika v2 Leather Jacket
    The Alpinestars Collection
    Alpinestars Vika v2 Leather Pants
    Alpinestars Vika v2 Drystar Boots
    Alpinestars Vika v2 Gloves

    protection. The Vika v2 boots are much higher heeled than before, have enhanced styling, are fully waterproof, and have dual-density discs to protect your ankles. The matching gloves are CE-certified, and feature palm padding and touchscreen-compatible index fingertips. The Alpinestars Vika v2 jacket ($470) and pants ($390) come in sizes 38 through 52. The Vika v2 boots are $250, and come in sizes 5-9 (Euro 36-41). Available in sizes XS through XL, the Vika v2 gloves are $75 a pair.

  1. Alpinestars Dyno v2 Leather Jacket (Men and Women). Alpinestars hasn’t forgotten riders who like authentic retro styling. The Dyno is back with a v2 version that uses full-grain leather, along with CE protection in the shoulders and elbows. There are stretch panels for a good fit, and the Dyno v2 jacket can be zippered to compatible
    Alpinestars Dyno v2 Leather Jacket for Men
    Alpinestars Dyno v2 Leather Jacket for Women

    Alpinestars pants for additional safety. In addition to two zippered exterior pockets, there is also one inside the jacket. Alpinestars Nucleon protection for your chest and back—highly recommended—is optional. The Alpinestars Dyno v2 jacket runs $530 and is available in sizes 48 to 60 for men, and 38 -50 for women.

  1. Alpinestars Motochino Pants. If you like to look casual while you’re riding and not draw strange looks when you’re off the bike,
    Alpinestars Motochino Pants

    Alpinestars Motochino pants are an appealing choice. They have a chino fit and a light cotton main shell. Underneath, there are aramidic fibers to reinforce impact areas, along with CE Level 1 knee protectors (which are removable). Alpinestars Nucleon CE Level 1 hip protectors are optional. For convenience, there are four pockets with button closures in the back. The Alpinestars Motochino pants can be had for $230 in sizes 28 through 40.

  1. Alpinestars Banshee Women’s Leggings. These don’t even look like something that would offer the protection a woman would want on a motorcycle, but there are more to the Banshee leggings than the stretch fabric shell. There’s an aramidic lining for abrasion protection, along with
    Alpinestars Banshee Women's Leggings

    low-profile CE Level 1 knee protection. If you’d like to protect your hips, Alpinestars Nucleon CE Level 1 protection is available as an option. There is also reflective printing for riding after dark. Available sizes range from XS to 2XL, with the MSRP at $180.

  1. Alpinestars Venture R Jacket, Jersey and Pants. The Venture R set is designed for enduro riders who don’t want the complexity of ADV gear. The jacket and pants are made of rip-stop nylon and polyester. There is polyurethane abrasion protection for your shoulders, elbows and knees. While not waterproof, both items are water resistant and have zippered venting. Stretch panels are found on the forearms, calf, knee, and crotch. The matching Venture R jersey is a standard lightweight design with mesh. The jacket also has removable sleeves to turn it into a vest. The Venture R jacket ($220) offers sizes from S to 3XL, with the jersey ($50) stopping at 2XL. The Venture R pants ($150) have waist sizes from 28 to 40 inches.
    Alpinestars Venture R Jacket
    Alpinestars Venture R Jersey

    Alpinestars Venture R Pants


  1. Alpinestars Nucleon KR-CELLi Back Protector. We are strong advocates of CE back protection, and Alpinestars’ Nucleon collection is among our favorite options. The new KR-CELLi back protector is a simple design available in three sizes—S, M, L. It’s breathable and flexible for comfort, along with having a CE Level 1 protection rating. It is a huge leap over the useless back pads that come standard on too many jackets. This is $40 worth of protection you do not want to pass on.

    Alpinestars Nucleon KR Celli Back Protector


  1. Alpinestars J-6 Waterproof Shoe. When we’re going fast, we want as much protection as we can get. Other times, a casual riding shoe gets the job done—especially if it’s a short ride and we will be spending lots of time off the bike. The Alpinestars J-6 Waterproof shoe pretty much looks like any high top sneaker. However, there is ankle and heel protection sneaking around underneath the full-grain leather and suede exterior. They’re waterproof, as the name suggests, and Alpinestars representatives tell us they wear them all day at work without a thought.
    Alpinestars J-6 Waterproof Shoes

    Sizes range from 6-14 (38-48 Euro) and the price is $200 for a pair.


  1. Alpinestars Komodo Travel Bag. We travel the world, so a full-service bag is important to us as riders and journalists. We have an earlier Alpinestars travel bag that has circled the globe numerous times with both street and dirt gear aboard. The new Alpinestars Komodo travel bag runs $240 and has the features we need, including a boot compartment with a removable liner for washing, wheels and a telescoping handle, waterproof bottom and side panels, reconfigurable
    Alpinestars Komodo Travel Bag

    interior walls, and hard bumpers to increase durability. It comes in three colors, with the black/blue/red/yellow fluo being our choice, as it will stand out on the luggage carousel.