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Tapplock One Padlock Review price

Tapplock One Smart Padlock Test

Passwords, combinations, and keys are the bane of my existence. I waste far too many brainwave cycles remembering or looking for them.

I have become a quick fan of the Tapplock One smart padlock for my motorcycle-centric garage.

The Tapplock One padlock is both high-tech and simple—you unlock the padlock using your fingerprint. Of course, in the modern world, there is even more to it than that, though none of them add complexity or detract from ease of use.

Tapplock One Padlock Review price

To get going, you use the included USB magnetic power cable to power up the Tapplock One. While that’s happening, download the Tapplock app to your iOS or Android mobile device.

You simply register the Tapplock app and pair it to your padlock. It is a seamless and intuitive process. Once that’s done, you can add your fingerprint to the Tapplock One’s file, and you are set.

I had the Tapplock One learn both of my thumbs, though you can select any finger you like. It takes just a couple of seconds, and the Tapplock One quickly unlocks with a touch of my thumb every single time—perfect. All you have to do is tap the power button to turn it on, and then put your digit on the square print reader. Anyone you trust can have a print placed in the padlock’s memory.

For me, that’s enough. However, Tapplock offers two other ways to release the shackle. You can do it via the app—again, simple and effective every time. The other alternative is a Morse Code method using the power button. That one took me a few minutes to figure out (tip: the green light blinks), but it works if you need to tell someone over the phone how to unlock it.

The lock offers shared access, so a trusted person can unlock the Tapplock One with that person’s mobile device. The app can also be used to manage multiple Tapplock One padlocks. I’m happy to report that I updated the firmware after a month—that was accomplished without a hitch.

Because it is battery powered, you must charge the Tapplock One periodically. Tapplock claims a year on a charge, but that will depend on how often you use it. The app keeps track of the charge, so that’s helpful.

Tapplock One Padlock Review

Store the magnetic charging cable somewhere that you can find, as it’s not a standard USB charging port. If you lose it, Tapplock will sell you a replacement for five bucks, though that’s a hassle when you need it to bring back a dead battery right now.

Keep in mind that the Tapplock is not the kind of heavy-duty lock you would use to secure your motorcycle. This is great for locking your garage door, your toolbox, or something like your helmet to your motorcycle. It has a zinc alloy metal body and a 7mm reinforced stainless steel shackle, so it will definitely dissuade anyone but the most motivated thief.

For the fashion conscious, the Tapplock One comes in three shades of gray. There are double- and four-packs if you need more than one, which you likely will.

One less key. One less password. One less combination. Thank you, Tapplock One!

Tapplock One Fast Facts

  • Colors: Sterling Silver; Gun Metal; Midnight Black
  • Tapplock One prices: $99/single; $179/double-pack; $359/four-pack

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