Wraptie Motorcycle Tie Downs Review: A New Way to Tie One On (Gear Test)

Wraptie Motorcycle Tie Down
The Wraptie is light, compact and easy to store in the saddlebag when not in use.

Wraptie Motorcycle Tie Downs Review

For those times when you need a way to secure more cargo on your motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV, or you name it, there may be times when the current common options simply don’t cut it.

The trusty bungee cord’s hooks might not be welcome near finished surfaces, but cam-lock or ratchet tie-down straps with their metal mechanisms might not be quite right, either. If you’re not an expert on knot-making, twine and cord probably aren’t the answer.

Wraptie Motorcycle Tie Downs for cargo:
Adding some cubic inches to your bike (of storage space, that is) such as this barrel bag is quick and easy using a Wraptie.

Well, now there is another alternative for motorcycles from designers in Melbourne, Australia: Wraptie tie downs.

Wraptie is a different approach to securing cargo; no hooks, no buckles, no hassle. Wraptie consists of heavy-duty elasticized webbing with strategically placed hook-and-loop fasteners along the length, with a closed loop on one end (the fast-grab end) and an adjustable loop handle on the other end.

About the only limit on how you use the Wraptie is your imagination—provided you also observe the load weight maximums for each size of Wraptie, of course.

In putting the Wraptie to the test, I found I could secure a barrel bag to my bike’s backrest with a single 180 Wraptie. The elastic character allows the bag to be attached snugly and the length allowed me to thread the Wraptie through the bag’s top and bottom tie-down loops, wrap around the bag itself and put two loops around the backrest, with no loose ends flapping in the wind and no hooks or buckles to worry about.

Wraptie Motorcycle Tie Downs Test
The use of a material with strength, elasticity and multiple hook-and-loop attachment options makes lashing luggage to a backrest or other parts of the bike easy.

In two days of riding, the payload stayed in place and the Wraptie did not stretch out or loosen. With the use of hook and loop attachments, it is easy to connect two Wrap-ties together if that much length is required.

Wraptie is available in twin packs of 130 cm (51 inches), 180 cm (70.8 inches) and 240 cm (94.5 inches) and a six pack with all three twin packs included. The strap width for each is 2.5 cm (1.0 inch).

Load rating is based on the diameter of the loop required to secure the load. The 130 strap is rated for 50 kg (110 lb.) with a loop size of 20 cm (7.8 inches).

The 180 strap is rated for the same load but can handle a loop size of 40 cm (15.7 inches) and the 240 strap is rated for the same maximum load but up to a 60 cm (23.6 inches). The company points out on its website that the load capacity declines as the load diameter increases.

Wraptie Motorcycle Tie Down
The Wraptie is light, compact and easy to store in the saddlebag when not in use.

The Wraptie website provides some sage advice for safe use of the product:

  • Always inspect your Wraptie before use to make sure it is in good condition
  • Do not use near sharp edges – Wraptie is made from a flexible soft material and can be damaged
  • The Wraptie tie down strap is not designed to be used as a lifting device
  • Keep away from sources of heat and naked flames
  • Keep away from hydrocarbons such as petrol, diesel and camp stoves
  • Please take care when joining 2 Wraptie straps together and make sure to assemble correctly. Note that this connection is not intended to be as strong as the original strap. The Wraptie fast grab end is designed to connect to one additional strap
  • The minimum overlap is 3 x fastener sections. If in doubt use a longer Wraptie
  • The fastening system is STICKY! Make sure to keep away from items of clothing of other things you don’t want it to stick to.
  • This goes for delicate fabrics too – Be careful as the fastening system is strong and may cause damage .

If you tend to find yourself looking for ways to lash more luggage, gear or what-not to your bike, snowmobile, car or trailer, the Wraptie may be just the new bit of gear to help you tie it on. 

Wraptie Fast Facts:

  • Product: Wraptie tie-downs
  • Country of origin: Taiwan/Australia
  • Contact: https://www.wraptie.net/ or www.wraptie.com.au
  • Material: High tension industrial grade elasticized webbing materials, hook and loop segments
  • Available sizing: See website above for details
  • Warranty: Six months material/workmanship
  • MSRP: Pricing as of July 12, 2018: 130 twin-pack: $29 (USD); 180 twin-pack: $37 (USD); 240 twin-pack: $43 (USD); Bundle with two of all three sizes: $98 (USD) on sale offer, regularly $109 (USD). See product listing on the website for latest pricing data.

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