Bonneville and Beyond Meet Wisconsin’s Champion Motorcycle Land Speed Racers

Gary Ilminen land speed racer bonneville

Wisconsin’s Champion Motorcycle Land Speed Racers

Turns out, the public library isn’t just for keeping quiet and reading books anymore. At least, not in Black Earth, Wisconsin. And not the one under the direction of one Carolyn Shaffer.

This is the same Carloyn Shaffer who brought us the “Iron Butts and Frozen Bodies Symposium,” a year ago, which turned out to be a great crowd pleaser and terrifically informative, to boot.

Bonneville and Beyond Meet Wisconsin's Champion Motorcycle Land Speed RacersThis time around, she is bringing together some of Wisconsin’s motorcycle land speed racers for a panel discussion about their machines, events and record-setting efforts.

The panel is scheduled to include Bill Whisenant, Lew Terpstra, Tym Williams, Patrick Zeigle and even I got an invitation! The discussion will be moderated by Peter Egan of Cycle World and Road & Track fame.

Gary Ilminen land speed racer bonnevilleThe discussion will include some visuals as well as some of the salt bikes used in competition being on display.

Set for Sunday, April 29, 2018 – 2:00 pm at the Black Earth Historical Society Headquarters at 1022 Blue Mounds St. in Black Earth (the building is a former church).

The event is a great run-up to the local Slimey Crud Motorcycle Gang Café Racer Run, which follows one week later on the first Sunday in May. For more, check out our Crud Run coverage from last fall.

For more information, visit, or call: 608-767-4905.

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