Gear / Parts TCX Roadster 2 Boots Review | Low-cut Motorcycle Boots

TCX Roadster 2 Boots Review | Low-cut Motorcycle Boots

TCX Roadster 2 Motorcycle Boots Review

When it comes to sensible sport riding boots, TCX’s Roadster series has satisfied the needs of motorcycle riders who want sport technicality without the bulkiness of race-ready footwear.

The TCX Roadster 2 is the follow up to the mid-cut Roadster and the changes are obvious—a slimmer, more streamlined profile with greater adjustability and lighter weight.

In terms of protection, the TCX Roadster 2 still carries the same CE rating that its processor did. Should you be taking your first motorcycle training course, these boots will make the cut as far as acceptable gear goes. However, there is more than meets the eye to this Italian mid-cut boot.

TCX Roadster 2 Boots Review | Low-cut Motorcycle BootsThe TCX Roadster 2 is a slim sport boot that has trimmed the fat. The heel guard, though narrowed and refined, still offers a robust amount of protection in a high impact area of the foot. It gives the Roadster 2 a confident feel when strapped place.

Pulled directly from the TCX race boot lines is the removable toe slider. These come in handy should you be carrying a bit of pace in the canyons; it’s better to grind a slider than wear holes in your motorcycle boot.

Other forms of protection come in form of ankle protection on the outside of the boot— that’s another high-risk area when you’ve taken a tumble. We would like to see the same ankle protection on the interior of the boot on future models of the Roadster.

TCX Roadster 2 Boots priceThe dual-recessed-stitched shift panel covers a sizeable portion of the boot, offering more protection without making the shifting experience vague. Feel with the TCX Roadster 2 is quite good, despite the nod-worthy level of padding and creature comforts. They are comfortable on all-day rides, on and off the motorcycle. The Roadster 2 is stiff enough to qualify as a proper motorcycle boot, but doesn’t make walking laborious.

Sole stiffness is another element to recognize, as the Roadster 2 works well on sport bikes with aggressively engineered footpegs. While the multi-density sole leans towards the stiffer side, it doesn’t compromise flexibility and allows good manipulation of your controls.

For all ethically conscious riders out there, you’ll be intrigued to know that the leather material that makes up most of the boot is a synthetic microfiber. While it does have the same appearance and feel as leather, it qualifies as a vegan product.

Certain riders will have their minds eased, and all of us will rest easier knowing that the microfiber material provides the same level of puncture and abrasion protection as standard leather.

TCX Roadster 2 Boots TestThe TCX Roadster 2 boot can be put on and taken off easily. A simple zipper combined with a Velcro flap secures your zipper once you’ve pulled the Roadster 2 on. Fitment can be adjusted quickly with the Velcro arch strap, allowing riders to always have a proper fitment.

For those who ride in warmer weather and prefer white-dominated color options, you’ll have to go with the perforated Roadster 2 Air.

Coming in at $160, the TXC Roadster 2 is a sport-leaning low-cut boot that doesn’t break the bank. Also, the price is $20 less than its predecessor, so you’ll be taking home a superior boot at a lower price.

TCX Roadster 2 Boots Fast Facts:

  • Sizes: US 3-14; EU 35-49
  • Color: Black

TCX Roadster 2 Boots Price:

  • $160 MSRP

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