10 Items in a Motorcycle Tour Guide’s Bag? | Leod Escapes Must Haves

Micro-Start Sport

Motorcycle Tour Guides | 10 Must Haves

The best way to see the world abroad is on two wheels. We all need some necessities when traveling long distances via motorcycle. The following items come direct from years of experience running motorcycle tours with track time on MotoGP circuits.

Leod Escapes staff will be running seven international tours this year and these items will be on every one. To increase your safety, comfort and overall smiles per mile make sure these items or an equivalent solution are on your packing list.

Gravity Travel Clothsline
1. Gravity Travels Gear Clothesline

Traveling light means hotel sink laundry… quick drying clothes still need to air out to dry.

Gravity Travels Gear Clothesline

DayGos Foldable Travel Duffel
2. DayGos Foldable Travel Duffel

Overweight luggage? Laundry? Pannier liner? You need a spare bag. Get one that vanishes into nothing until you need it.

DayGos Foldable Travel Duffel

Verbatim USB Charger
3. Verbatim Travel Adapter 4 Port USB Charger

Phones, video cameras, tablets, set it to charge as soon as you get to your foreign hotel anywhere.

Verbatim Travel Adapter 4 Port USB Charger

Micro-Start Sport
4. Antigravity Mirco-Start Sport portable charger and jumper

Recharge your smart phone four times and jump start any motorcycle.

Antigravity Micro Start

5. Leatherman Charge TTI

Leod’s favorite multitool that’s solved countless problems on the road. Get the accessory tool heads. Hide it from TSA’s sticky fingers deep in your checked luggage.

6. Nonda Phone Charging Cable

Having your smart phone while you travel is vital. Buy a tougher cable and a spare

Nonda Phone Charging Cable

7. Stackable Pill Tower

Searching for medication in a foreign country is no fun when you are in pain or sick. Bring supplies in this.

Stackable Pill Tower

Garmin Virb Ultra8. Garmin Virb Ultra Video Camera

Leod’s choice to capture on bike moments. Built in image stabilization. More reliable and easier to use than other 4k action cameras.

Garmin Virb Ultra Video Camera

RoloBag9. Rolo Bag

Roll clothes up and compress. Then unroll and hang the bag anywhere. If you’re base layers can’t fit in here, you are packing too much.

Rolo Bag

Geartronic Gauge10. Geartronics Tire Gauge

Important safety tool, especially if you’re on a rented motorcycle.

Geartronics Tire Gauge