10 Fast Facts about ‘Track & Tour’ escapes with Leod

Leod Escapes Track & Tour Motorcycle Trips

Leod Escapes “Track & Tour” Motorcycle Trips

1. A 10 day escape includes 3 and 4 star hotels.

It also includes breakfast, airport transfers and a welcome and farewell dinner. Some tours feature more food depending on the evening accommodations.

2. Sport touring and track bikes are included

The variety available depends on which tour you go on and how early you book. Track bikes are the new Ducati 959 Panigale for Italy, and the BMW S 1000 RR everywhere else.

3. Bring gear that you know fits!

Sometimes track gear rental is available. But why risk it? Bring your signature leathers that fit well and look good in photos.

4. If you are riding Intermediate/Group B at the track, then you’re ready…

The average MotoGP circuit is wider, smoother and faster than most US circuits, so you’ll be in for a joyous challenge. The track and tour vacations have different track day formats, so we always make sure you are riding with people of similar ability.

5. Everyone is a track rider.

Your fellow tour riders want the roller coaster of fun; not the merry go round of pleasantness. They are more game for a laugh, don’t need a menu in English, know how to mitigate risk, and typically are more capable riders.

6. Airfare is up to you but there are some key principles you should stick to.

Riders arrive from all over the world and people have different flight preferences. Generally you’ll be booking your flights 3 to 5 months in advance. Setting up a watch alert on kayak.com or hopper.com and looking directly at regional carriers prices will often help you get the best value.

Leod Escapes Track & Tour Motorcycle Trips

7. If you don’t have it, get your passport, it’s easy!

Become a citizen of the world. Start the process early to avoid all the “rush” fees from expediters. You are a motorcycle rider, international travel cannot intimidate you.

8. Your passenger may enjoy the tour more than you!

These are curvy touring routes in remote locations, so your passenger gets the best seat in the house, while you’re enjoying the road.

9. Ride, eat, sleep, and laugh like a local

If you had a fun track riding cousin who lived there, this is where they would take you. Routes focus on back roads, authentic experiences and a few big tourist sites that are worth it.

10. Which tour should I take first?

Italy is like riding through a romance novel, has the best dinners and the track is legendary. Australia is an expedition to lonely twists, crazy critters and the best MotoGP track. Spain is a vista filled curve factory across a forgotten empire with a massive circuit. California is the best sport touring in the USA, the widest array of country and the most famous turn in road racing. Germany and the Italian Alps is the most challenging sport touring and MotoGP track with the most stunning views and wildest nights. Leod’s favorite tour is Sachsenring & the Italian Alps.

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