2018 Gas Gas Enduro GP 300 and 250 First Look | 11 Fast Facts

Enduro GP 300

2018 Gas Gas Enduro GP Updates Detailed

We rode the 2018 Gas Gas XC 300 and EC 300 two-stroke, off-road racing motorcycles back in May, and came away impressed.

Now, Gas Gas is upping the ante with the high-performance 2018 Gas Gas Enduro GP 300 and 250 racers. Here are the essential Fast Facts you need to know about what turned the standard Gas Gas off-road bikes into Enduro GP models.

2018 Gas Gas Enduro GP 300

1. The 2018 Gas Gas Enduro GP models come with a Rekluse clutch cover and housing. Gas Gas claims this will help the motors run cooler, and transfer power more effectively.

2. A new cylinder head improves torque production. With the head altering the combustion chamber, the throttle response will be sharper in an effort to satisfy higher level riders.

3. The entire exhaust arrives from FMF in California.

4. The KYB fork tubes are upgraded with a low-friction black DLC coating. The result is smoother suspension action.

5. Germany’s XTrig makes the red-anodized triple clamps. They’re lighter and more rigid that the standard triple clamps, plus they’re red!

2018 Gas Gas Enduro GP 300 for sale
2018 Gas Gas Enduro GP 300

6. Mounted on the XTrig top clamp are new handlebar clamps, which hold Renthal Twinwall 997 handlebars from England. Like the triple clamps, the handlebar clamps increase rigidity and feel. The Renthal Twinwall 997 bars have a Honda CRF/Kawasaki KX-F bend, and are known for their strength. Oh, and the grips are also from Renthal.

7. For quick front wheel removal, there’s a handle integrated into the axle.

8. The front disc is floating. According to Gas Gas, this increases braking force and feel.

2018 Gas Gas Enduro GP 300 engine9. The seat is designed for more grip. Scalloping does the job, and the colors reflect the Gas Gas factory racing team livery.

10. The 2018 Gas Gas Enduro GP 300 and 250 get various unique graphics. The stickers are different, the spokes are black, and the rear sprocket is anodized black.

11. There’s no word yet on availability or price in the United States.

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