A Man in La Mancha | Feature Motorcycle Film Kickstarter Campaign

Here’s a fun Kickstarter feature film project you can get involved in. Jeff Buchanan, a well-respected moto journalist, pursues his “Man in La Mancha” movie project on Kickstarter. There are lots of ways to get involved in this cool and timely motorcycles-in-the-movies project where a life-weary man, disenchanted by the loss of civility in the world, becomes a motorcycle-riding knight-errant in La Mancha.

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A life-tired and timid accountant is shaken from his complacency when his son is killed while serving in Iraq. In the emotional aftermath the father discovers his son was planning a motorcycle trip when he returned from the war; to retrace the route of his hero, Don Quixote. In an unexpected and uncharacteristic turn, the grief-stricken father decides to take the trip himself.

The trek into La Mancha on his deceased son’s motorcycle becomes a deeply cathartic experience for the grieving father. As he falls under the spell of the novel he gradually takes on the persona of the delusional Don Quixote; growing a goatee and speaking in old English, christening his son’s motorcycle “Rocinante” (after Quixote’s horse), going as far as to “tilt” at a modern wind turbine. Bravely defying the harsh realities facing a dreamer in an indifferent world, he discovers joy and whimsy in choosing to see life as it should be, not as it is.

A Man in La Mancha Feature Film

A Special Word to Fellow Motorcyclists

As a lifelong motorcycle enthusiast (and journalist), I would like to extend a special welcome to fellow motorcyclists. This dramatic, narrative film employs a BMW GS as a central character, becoming the symbolic steed that allows the protagonist to experience the adventure and freedom that has been absent from most of his adult life. Appointing himself a knight-errant, he christens his GS “Rocinante,” after Don Quixote’s horse, giving the GS a deeply thematic purpose in the film.


Know that behind the camera is an avid, passionate motorcyclist that is presenting a motorcycle as an integral character as opposed to a prop, a cliché, or an excuse for a chase. This film provides a platform to showcase motorcycles in a vitally positive and inspiring light.