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2018 Alpinestars adv jacket

7 Must-See Items from 2018 Alpinestars Apparel Lineup

It is always a treat when Alpinestars reveals its latest apparel, and the 2018 Alpinestars United States Motorcycling Collection is no exception. Here are seven essential new items from Alpinestars, curated from dozens of new products.

1. Alpinestars Missile Suit, Jacket, and Pants

Alpinestars is proudly making a push for the Alpinestars Tech-Air airbag system. Available in Tech-Air Race and Tech-Air Street, it’s a huge leap forward in upper body protection. To utilize the Tech-Air technology, you have to have a compatible garment. The new Alpinestars Missile suit and jacket are designed to work with the new Tech-Air Race vest ($1149), and do so at a lower price point. The Missile has all the features you would expect in a $1000 track suit, as the price premium for Tech-Air compatibility is minimal.

2018 Alpinestars one-pieceCE approval is given to the shoulder, elbow, knee, and tibia protection, while comfort is provided by extensive use of stretch panels and accordion inserts. The jacket and pants are close to the suit, but the jacket has external pockets for street functionality and the pants lack tibia protection. The Tech-Air Race vest can be reprogrammed for street algorithms that control when the airbag is deployed, though it takes a laptop to do it.

The Missile pants are also available in a perforated leather version, as well as a Stella design for women motorcycle riders.

Price and sizes — Alpinestars Missile Suit: $1000; 46-60. Alpinestars Missile Jacket: $600; 48-60; Alpinestars Missile Pants: $450; 44-60.

2. Alpinestars Yokohama Drystar Jacket/Pants

The big news with the new Alpinestars Yokohama Drystar all-weather jacket for adventure and touring is the laminated Drystar lining. Instead of the liner being a bulky removable design, the Drystar lining is permanently attached, making the jacket lighter and slimmer. In case you’re worried that the Yokohama jacket will be too warm in the summer, the Alpinestars Jet Ventilation System moves huge amounts of air through the jacket. Cold weather is kept at bay by a removable long-sleeve thermal liner. Cargo capabilities include plenty of waterproof zippered pockets.

Like the matching jacket, the Yokohama Drystar pants use a laminated waterproof barrier to slim down and lighten the garment. There is a removable thermal liner to keep your legs warm, plus a generous venting system to cool you down in the summer. There are plenty of belts and hook-and-loop tabs to facilitate a personalized fit on the pants, just as there are on the jacket.

CE protection is provided for the shoulders, elbows, and knees. You’ll have to buy Alpinestars Nucleon armor to get back and hip protection. The jacket and pants can be zipped together for additional safety and waterproofing.

Prices and sizes — Alpinestars Yokohama Drystar Jacket: $490. S-4XL. Alpinestars Yokohama Drystar Pants: $330; S-4XL

3. Oscar by Alpinestars Charlie Jacket — Tech-Air Airbag Compatible

While it is great to see the Alpinestars Tech-Air airbag safety system applied to the highest tech gear in the Alpinestars line, it is now available to riders who like urban styling. We’re already big fans of the comfortable and fashionable standard Charlie jacket, so we are very happy to see that there is a version that can accept the Tech-Air system. While the LED display on the sleeve may compromise the pure-retro look of the Charlie jacket, it does add a bit of Terminator steampunk to the equation. Red racing stripes visually differentiate the Teach-Air compatible version from the standard Charlie jacket, which has white stripes.

 Charlie by Alpinestars Charlie Jacket — Tech-Air Airbag Compatible Price: $650 MSRP. Sizes: S-3XL.

2018 Alpinestars boots4. Alpinestars SMX-6 V2 Gore-Tex Boots

The Alpinestars SMX-6 is something of a classic, so we welcome the V2 edition. A sport-touring boot with the accent on touring, the SMX-6 V2 gets a slimmer shin plate to accommodate over-the-boot pants, as well as more flexibility throughout the boot. Air vents are there for warmer days, and Gore-Tex to keep rain out.

Alpinestars SMX-6 V2 Gore-Tex Boot Price: $330 MSRP. Sizes: 36-50 (Euro).

5. Alpinestars Youth GP Plus Leather Suit

If we are going to get another American MotoGP champion, we’re going to have to start them early on the pavement. The new Alpinestars Youth GP Plus suit is designed for riders in the 9-to-14 age range. The petite suit has all the features you would expect in an Alpinestars road racing suit, including plenty of stretch panels, CE-approved protection (shoulders, elbows, knees, and tibias), and room for Alpinestars Nucleon KR-Y Youth Protectors for truly professional protection. Premium 1.3mm bovine leather means the suit will be durable and safe.

 Alpinestars Youth GP Plus Leather Suit Price: $700 MSRP. Sizes: 130, 140, and 150 (Euro)

6. Alpinestars Café Divine Drystar Gloves

There is nothing hotter than café racers these days, so the new Alpinestars Café Divine Drystar gloves are a natural addition to the catalog. Predominately leather, the Café Divine gloves hide the polyurethane foam compound knuckle protection to give the gloves a vintage look. Still, the gloves are touchscreen compatible, and have a breathable/waterproof Drystar lining. Thinsulate insulation means these are primarily cool weather retro-gloves, with modern conveniences and performance.

Alpinestars Café Divine Drystar Gloves. Price: $130 MSRP. Sizes: S-3XL.

7. Stella Vence Drystar Jacket

For the demanding female ADV rider, the Stella Vence Drystar jacket is designed for all-weather riding, on-and-off the pavement. For unfriendly weather, the Stella Vence Drystar Jacket has two removable liners—a waterproof Drystar liner, plus a long-sleeve thermal liner. When the temps heat up, there are two large chest vents to move air through the jacket. Befitting an adventure jacket, the Stella Vence has extensive cargo options. There is CE protection in the shoulders and elbows of the Stella Vence, but if you want back or chest protection, you have to purchase Alpinestars Nucleon armor.

Alpinestars Stella Vence Drystar Jacket Price: $350 MSRP. Sizes: S-4XL.

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