Fox Racing Copper Moth Limited Edition Gear Set Review

Fox Racing Cooper Moth Motorcycle Gear Collection Review

Fox Racing Copper Moth Gear Review: Head-To-Toe Coverage

One of the striking colorways on the Supercross grid is the Fox Racing Copper Moth Limited Edition gear set. Fox Racing has matched the new second-generation Flexair pants and jersey with the V3 helmet, Airline gloves, and Instinct boots to create a formidable package, both visually and functionally. We tested it the entire Fox Racing Copper Moth Limited Edition collection, from top to bottom.

Fox Racing V3 Moth Limited Edition Helmet

The Fox Racing V3 is the Northern California brand’s top of the line motocross helmet. Worn by Supercross champions Ryan Dungey and Chad Reed, and many other professional riders, the V3 helmet has been developed by some of the world’s fastest motocrossers.

Fox Racing Cooper Moth Motorcycle Gear Collection ReviewThe V3 is equipped with a Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS), which is a patented brain protection system that mimics the cerebrospinal fluid found in the brain. MIPS adds a low-friction layer between the helmet and the head by reducing rotational violence, which causes strain in the brain in the event of an angled impact.

Fox utilizes dual density EPS liners that are designed to absorb impacts via the use of different foam densities and thicknesses throughout the helmet. Additionally, the shell of the V3 is engineered with three shells and four EPS dimensions to ensure a precise fit.

The first thing I noticed about the V3 helmet was how smoothly it slid onto my head. Other helmets I have worn can be painful to take on and off either by snagging your ears and or putting intense pressure on the entirety of my head in the process. The V3 helmet does neither of these and doesn’t make me dread putting it on or taking it off.

The next thing I noticed was how much vision the V3 offers. This is largely due to how high the visor can be adjusted. I set it at the highest it could go and it still blocked the sun and glare from my eyes. Conversely, the visor does not adjust very low. However, this doesn’t bother me as I like running my visor fairly high for maximum visibility anyway.

Overall, I was pleased with how well the helmet fit me. One area that it fit me a little tight was in the temples on each side of my head. However, it wasn’t so tight to cause a headache or migraine of any sort. As a result of the proper fitment, the V3 stayed perfectly in place while riding. Additionally, the Dri Lex comfort liner provides lots of padding and makes the helmet that much more comfortable to wear.

Another aspect I became aware of is the position of the roost guard. It sits a bit lower than other helmets I have worn, but it still offers the necessary protection and allows for a bit better vision as a result.

Fox Racing V3 Copper Moth Helmet testThe Fox Racing V3 helmet weighs 3 pounds, 4.8 ounces in size medium. While lightweight, this is at bit heavier than some other helmets I’ve tested, and I did slightly notice the weight when I slipped it over my head for the first time. However, I didn’t notice it very much while I was riding. Everyone’s head is shaped different, of course, so it is imperative that you have a helmet fitted by a professional in-person.

The 14 intake and four exhaust vents do a fantastic job of promoting airflow. My head stayed plenty cool while wearing it, especially on the warmer Southern California days. The Dri-Lex comfort liner also helped keep sweat and moisture at bay.

Cleaning the interior of the V3 involves removing the two cheek pads and the larger piece of the Dri-Lex comfort liner. I threw each of these items in the washing machine and they came out looking and smelling as good as new.

If you are looking for a helmet with several safety features, fantastic ventilation, and uncompromised visibility, the Fox Racing V3 helmet is an excellent choice.

Fox Racing V3 Copper Moth Limited Edition Helmet Price: $460 MSRP.

Fox Racing Copper Moth Limited Edition Gear Review

Fox Racing Flexair Copper Moth Limited Edition Pants

The new Fox Racing Flexair is the second generation of the brand’s lightweight and ventilated motocross gear. Flexair is Fox Racing’s pinnacle level racing apparel, designed to meet the demands of pro level riders. Through creative design and utilizing advanced fabric technologies, Fox designed the Flexair gear to move naturally with the rider’s movements for minimized restriction while riding and creating maximum mobility.

In developing the second generation Flexair, the team at Fox Racing aimed to take all of the strengths from the first generation and improve on three key aspects—a more spacious knee area, a more robust waistband, and eliminating the internal comfort liner to allow for as much airflow as possible. On top of all of that, they aimed to decrease the overall weight.

The Flexair Moth LE pants receive has a completely new chassis constructed of a four-way stretch technology called TruMotion. It is the main body fabric and designed to be lightweight, durable, and provide unrestricted mobility.

Fox enlarged the knee areas to better fit for riders using knee braces and knee guards. The other change made to the knee area was the use of heat and abrasion resistant leather.

To help secure the Flexair pants in place, an updated rigid waist system was implemented. Also, the addition of critically taped seams in key areas is designed to reduce chaffing. Aiming to decrease weight and dissipate heat, Fox removed the internal liner and added laser perforation in key areas to further shed weight and disperse heat.

Fox Racing Flexair Copper Moth Limited Edition Pants ReviewThe first time I tried the Flexair pants on, I was immediately surprised at how well they fit me. When inspecting the pants, I was a little apprehensive about how they would fit me in the waist area, as there isn’t a Velcro strap to adjust it with.

However, I quickly found out there was no need for it because the pants fit perfectly via the adjustment of the traditional ratchet strap device located on the front of the pants above the zipper. The waist area fit me similar to my favorite pair of jeans—just right.

The thigh area has a slimmer fit than most motocross pants I have tested, but there is still plenty of room and fit me well. Additionally, the pants do not feel baggy and the laser perforations in this area do an excellent job of promoting airflow.

The updates made in the knee area were immediately apparent. I could tell from the moment I put the pants on that Fox put some serious attention into making the knee area much more spacious to accommodate all different types of knee protection.

Bending the knees while riding in these pants is effortless. Whether I was transitioning from sitting to standing, extending my leg while cornering, or landing from a jump, the pants provided seamless performance each and every time.

The Flexair pants feel very light, whether you’re picking them up or wearing them. They are nothing like the baggy motocross pants of the past and ventilate extremely well. A lightweight feel, great fit, and plenty of airflow are all things I desire in a motocross pant and the Fox Racing Flexair delivers in every one of these areas.

Fox Racing Flexair Copper Moth Limited Edition Pants Price: $230 MSRP.

Fox Racing Copper Moth Limited Edition Gear Test

Fox Racing Flexair Copper Moth Limited Edition Jersey

The Flexair Moth LE jersey features a number of improvements to improve on the previous platform. The new jersey is constructed with TruDri fabric for a soft and lightweight fit that helps manage moisture. The taped seams in the shoulder and collar area are designed to reduce chaffing while bonded cuffs provide a slim, athletic fit. The jersey also features laser perforation in different areas to allow for increased airflow to keep the rider cool.

The new Flexair jersey began to impress me from the moment I first tried it on. The first thing I immediately noticed was how light it feels. It was as if I wasn’t wearing a jersey! The new TruDri fabric is incredibly soft, which is something I have never associated a motocross jersey with prior to wearing the new Flexair.

Fox Racing Flexair Copper Moth Limited Edition Jersey ReviewThe taped seams in the shoulder and collar area do a great job of preventing the jersey from moving around while riding. After tucking the jersey in, it stayed in place from top to bottom throughout all of my motos.

While the taped seams keep the torso area of the jersey in place, the bonded cuffs do an excellent job of preventing the sleeves from rolling up and down the arms. The cuff areas stayed perfectly intact and kept the jersey from bunching up at the bottom or sliding up on my arms.

The Flexair jersey is laser perforated in the upper middle torso area to allow for increased airflow to keep the rider cool. Laser perforation is essentially a number of circles cut out of the jersey material to allow for additional airflow. The laser perforations do exactly as they are supposed to do, and are a perfect complement to the lightweight constructed TruDri fabric

One thing I have learned over the years is that the fitment of a jersey is critical. Some jerseys I have worn are very long or short from top to bottom. This can cause a jersey to come untucked while riding. Others have abnormally short or long sleeves, which either leaves part of the arm exposed or excess jersey material bunched up in the wrist area.

The fit of the Flexair jersey is excellent. It never came untucked and the sleeves are the perfect length. The collar area offers plenty of room and it is neither too tight nor too loose.

Everything about the Fox Racing Flexair jersey, from the material to the fit, is top notch and I did not find anything about it that I would want to change.

Fox Racing Flexair Copper Moth Limited Edition Jersey Price: $95 MSRP.

Fox Racing Airline Gloves Copper Moth price

Fox Racing Airline Copper Moth Gloves

A lightweight, minimalist glove designed to be close fitting and lightweight, the Airline Moth gloves are constructed of four-way stretch polyester and a single layer Clarino palm.

The glove utilizes a feature called TruFeel technology, which is a Fox Racing exclusive. The material is designed to deliver better precision and sensitivity by placing direct injected internal TPR knobbies at each of the fingertips.

TruFeel is designed to increased dexterity, improve lever control, and enhance bar feel. Lastly, a compression molded cuff and stretch mesh finger gussets are implemented to provide a secure fit.

The minimalist nature of the gloves provides an excellent fit. Like the jersey and pants, the gloves fit closely enough to prevent chaffing, but offer enough room for comfort and movement. The compression-molded cuff does an excellent job of keeping the gloves in place and eliminates the need for any type of hook-and-loop strap.

The TruFeel technology is undoubtedly my favorite feature of the glove. I keep a finger on the clutch and front brake lever most of the time, so I desire a glove that offers plenty of grip on the levers. The TPR knobbies on each finger grip like no other glove I have worn.

With the fantastic fit and excellent grip on the levers, the Fox Racing Airline gloves have become the most sought after gloves in my gear bag.

Fox Racing Airline Copper Moth Gloves Price: $30 MSRP

Fox Racing Instinct Copper Moth Boots Review

Fox Racing Instinct Copper Moth Limited Edition Boots

Fox Racing is one of the few gear manufacturers that produces a boot that is worn by some of the fastest racers in the Monster Energy AMA Supercross and Lucas Oil Pro Motocross series. Team Honda HRC’s Ken Roczen and the entire Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki team, among others, wear the Fox Racing Instinct boots.

The Fox Racing Instinct boots in the Limited Edition Copper Moth colorway feature the latest updates to the brand’s flagship motocross footwear. The revisions include slightly larger sizing, new lower straps with replaceable strap passes, and updated materials for improved durability.

The Instinct boots are non-booty design making them effortless to put on and take off. The four-buckle design provides an excellent fit and can be adjusted to your liking. Buckling and unbuckling the boots is a snap, as long as they are properly adjusted and not too tight. The buckles stayed in place during my time testing the boots, and I never came in from a moto with one unbuckled.

The padding on the inside of the boots bridge the gap between feeling somewhat barebones to being over-padded. Both of these types have their advantages as a barebones feeling is easy to maneuver in and a heavily padded boot will feel very comfortable. The Instincts possess an ideal amount of each of these qualities.

Fox Racing Instinct Copper Moth Boots strapsThe hinge design on the boots offers plenty of flexibility and comfort right out of the box. My first ride in the boots proved there was no need for any sort of break-in time; I could easily take these boots right out of the box and ride or race in them.

The slim medial design allows for a close, yet comfortable fit. Once I got the buckles adjusted to where I wanted them to be, they fit my lower leg, ankle, and foot just right—not too tight and not too loose. As a result of the close fit, I had only a minuscule amount of dirt inside the boot after a long day at the track.

When testing new boots and breaking them in, I occasionally miss a shift due to how stiff they are. However, this never occurred with the Instinct boots as a result of the slim toe box design. I was also pleased with how easy it was to modulate the rear brake.

The sole is made of a Duratec rubber compound—is a material exclusive to Fox Racing. The material is designed to provide maximized grip and long-lasting durability. The grip offered by the Duratec soles is excellent on the dullest and sharpest of footpeg surfaces. The soles slide on top of dirt surfaces with ease, too.

Washing the Instincts got them looking good as new with some soap, water, and a pressure washer. The entire boot, including the soles, still looked new after several ride and wash cycles.

Countless top riders have put Fox Racing Instinct boots through the wringer over the last several years. The end result is a refined, top-level boot designed to fit well and protect the rider. Anyone in the market for a great fitting set of boots that are ready to race right out of the box and maintain a high level of performance should seriously consider the Fox Racing Instincts.

Fox Racing Instinct Copper Moth Limited Edition Boots Price: $560 MSRP.

Conclusion: Fox Racing Flexair Copper Moth Limited Edition Gear Set

The new Fox Racing Copper Moth Limited Edition gear set far and above exceeded my expectations. The attention to detail in fit, performance, and ventilation is in one word – excellent. Additionally, the entire gear set looks just as great as it performs.

I had more than a handful of people look my way as I rode by in this eye-catching kit. If you are in the market for a new set of riding gear, the Fox Racing Copper Moth Limited Edition gear set demands your attention.