Covingtons Customs ‘Power Triad’ Upgrade: 30% Gains for Harley Milwaukee-Eight

Covingtons Customs 'Power Triad' Upgrade: 30% Gains for Harley Milwaukee-Eight

Harley Milwaukee-Eight Covingtons Upgrades

Looking for more performance from your new Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight? With more than 40 years of experience building award-winning motorcycles, Covingtons has created a new power solution for your new Harley-Davidson motorcycle that adds up to 30% more power.

Working closely with EFI-upgrade leaders, ThunderMax, Covingtons Customs has developed the ultimate “power triad” utilizing a custom ThunderMax electronic fuel management system, a newly-designed air cleaner and their popular Destroyer Exhaust System—all for under $2,000.

Covingtons Customs 'Power Triad' Upgrade: 30% Gains for Harley Milwaukee-EightMultiple trips to the ThunderMax dyno during development showed documented horsepower and torque gains in the range of 30%.

While results may vary by installation, there is no denying that this simple 3-part upgrade produced significant power gains on the new Milwaukee-Eight 107 and 114 engines.

Destroyer Performance Package includes the following:

• ThunderMax EFI Tuner Module

• Covingtons Customs Air Cleaner Assembly

• Destroyer Exhaust System

• Fits all 2017 Milwaukee-Eight™ Configurations

• Made in the USA by Covingtons Customs.

• MSRP $1,999

For additional information, visit Convingtons Customs.

Covingtons Customs 'Power Triad' Upgrade