AGV RP60 Helmet Review | Competition Inspired

AGV RP60 Helmet Review | Competition Inspired

AGV RP60 Helmet Review | The Race Is On

AGV RP60 Helmet Review | Competition Inspired
AGV RP60 Helmet Review

For those who want the true retro helmet experience with modern features, the AGV RP60 helmet fits the bill. Using a composite fiberglass shell, it meets current DOT standards and looks like it could have been worn on a dirt track or road circuit from the 1950s to the 1970s. The classic 3/4 motorcycle helmet design endures as evocative of freedom and competition, and the AGV RP60 captures the mood perfectly.

Like the helmets of yesteryear, the AGV RP60 is elemental—you won’t find venting, a wide variety of outer shell sizes (just two) and the basic aerodynamics were settled decades ago. What the RP60 does offer is three snap buttons to add a Peak RP60 smoke visor, which I did, and a removable liner for laundering when you’ve had a few too many sweaty summer rides, which I have.

Although I’m generally a full-face helmet guy, except when on an observed trials motorcycle, I cannot argue that wearing the AGV RP60 during a ride is not a liberating experience. While I’m giving up the latest helmet and safety technologies, the wind in the face—be it through Topanga Canyon in California or across the Tabernas Desert in Spain—is a very pleasurable feeling, even when it’s a chilly morning.

AGV RP60 Helmet Review price
AGV RP60 Helmet Review

In the past, AGV helmets have not always agreed with the shape of my skull—no one’s fault, it just is. However, that has changed in recent years. The AGV RP60 has predictable sizing and the shape works well in concert with my long oval head. As always, a helmet is a motorcycling accessory that should be purchased in-person, and fitted to your head by a knowledgeable professional.

Inside, the AGV RP60 has a good feel—neither barebones nor plush. Though it lacks venting in the outer shell, the inside liner has a vintage tuck-and-roll design that channels air to your skull. To assist that, the Dry Comfort fabric liner is netted and air is allowed to circulate a bit around your head.

The double D-ring is a classic design, with a nod to modernity—a snap that keeps the loose end from dangling. In the back, there’s a leather tab with a snap that has no purpose, other than as a design detail offered by AGV.

Having ridden hard off-road on a Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled and put in spirited street rides on bikes like the Harley-Davidson Sportster Roadster, I can say that I rode with confidence. Yes, my face is open to bugs and there is a definite increased likelihood of injury in a crash, but everything is a calculated risk in life. I respect the All The Gear, All The Time adherents, but sometimes the call of the wind is irresistible, and the AGV RP60 gives me the piece of mind that comes with DOT approval and the reputation of a classic Italian brand.

AGV RP60 Helmet Fast Facts:

  • Sizes: XS-XL
  • Colors: Royal Black/Gold; Royal Matte Black/White; Checker Flag; B4 Deluxe; Café Racer Black; Café Racer White.
  • Made in China
  • AGV RP60 Helmet Price: $140 MSRP

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