KTM Fuel-Injected Two-Stroke Engines Announced

KTM Fuel-Injected Two-Stroke Engines Announced | 6 Fast Facts
KTM Fuel-Injected Two-Stroke Engine Design

KTM is keeping two-stroke off-road motorcycles alive and well, and have just announced a trio of fuel-injected models for 2018. Here are the essential fast facts you need to know:

  1. KTM will produce three fuel-injected two-strokes for model year 2018. The 2018 KTM 250 EXC TPI and 300 EXC TPI worldwide, plus the US/Canada-only 250 XC-W TPI, will be the first mass-produced two-strokes to ditch carbs.
  1. KTM is also using oil injection. A technology that dates back to the 1960s, but it not typically used in competition two-strokes, oil injection means no more premixing of gas and two-stroke oil. Beta currently has oil-injection two-stroke engines in its line-up.
  1. KTM claims improved fuel consumption rates, plus increased performance. “It has been no secret that KTM’s Research and Development department in Mattighofen, Austria has been developing this technology, which offers considerable benefits over carbureted models including drastically reduced fuel consumption while also no-longer having the need to pre-mix fuel or alter the machines’ jetting,” KTM says. “Not only that, the new two-stroke TPI models offer a completely new experience in terms of power delivery and rideability.”
  1. We have tested fuel-injected two-strokes before. In 2012, we tested an Ossa TR280i trails bike with EFI. More recently, we tested the 2016 Vertigo Combat Camo Works [https://ultimatemotorcycling.com/2016/01/02/2016-vertigo-combat-camo-works-exclusive-first-test/] that also is fuel-injected. Of course, these were bikes from boutique manufacturers rather than a mass-production marque.
  1. We had excellent experiences with the fuel-injected two-stroke motors. In the case of the Ossa, the motor had the low-speed tractability of a four-stroke, yet retained the throttle response we expect from a two-stroke. The Vertigo had a motor with much more power than any trials bike in the past, while retaining the torquey power delivery needed for observed trials motorcycle competition.
  1. Not many details are available yet. We don’t have prices or specs, but KTM says we will see the fuel-injected KTM two-stroke motorcycles in May. They will go on sale in Europe in early Summer 2017, and the 250 XC-W TPI will be available in the US in late Fall 2018. Yes, we find that frustrating, too–we don’t want to wait!