Spidi Thunderbird Leather Jacket & Gloves Unveiled for Custom or Nakeds

Spidi Thunderbird Leather Jacket Unveiled for Custom or Nakeds

Spidi Thunderbird Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Spidi Thunderbird Leather Jacket Unveiled for Custom or Nakeds

To appeal to the custom and naked motorcycle crowd, Spidi has released a new leather riding jacket—the Thunderbird.

The Spidi Thunderbird jacket is created from 1mm cowhide leather with stretch panels on the sides and inner arms. Spidi was born in the world’s most important district for leather processing—the Chiampo Valley in Italy, which has roots back to the 15th Century. First it was farmers tanning and selling leathers, and now there are over 700 laboratories in the valley.

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Speaking of its leather products, Spidi says “Almost 600 years of tradition, innovation and research allow Spidi to use the finest leathers from around the world, wisely worked in this district, where tanning handed down for generations.”

Besides top-quality leather, the Spidi Thunderbird arrives with EN1621-1 certified Multitech and Forcetech protection on shoulders and elbows, plus the attachments to host the Warrior Back protectors EN1621-2 Lev.1 and Lev.2 certified.

Spidi Thunderbird Leather Jacket price

The two huge panels on both sides made in accordion leather allow for freedom of movements and provide a more dynamic riding position on the bike. Spidi says this is the summa of Spidi’s Motorsport Lifestyle motto, where performances meet elegance and style.

To extend the riding capability to the colder season, Thunderbird jacket is equipped with a removable 100-grain thermo lining, and it can even be upgraded with the removable H2Out waterproof and breathable membrane.

Spidi has also released the Thunderbird gloves: short motorcycle gloves tailored with fine goat (palm) and deer (back) leathers and featuring a classic design. This leathers combination gives an ultimate comfort experience and the perfect grip on the handle bar. Nonetheless EVA knuckles protectors offer peace of mind to the most demanding riders, while being hidden in the classic and retro style of the glove.

Spidi Thunderbird Leather gloves

Spidi Thunderbird Jacket Features:

  • Multitech removable protector CE certified EN 1621-1:2012 S – E – H – K
  • Arrangement for back protector CE Lev.1 Z54
  • Force-Tech removable protectors CE certified EN 1621-1:2012 S – E – H – K
  • Arrangement for holding CE (Lev. 2) back protector
  • 50% waterproof garment
  • Removable lining with wadding 100 gr.
  • Step in Clothing: layered clothing system optional
  • Two jackets in one
  • High tenacity elastic Flex Tenax
  • Nylon 6.6, extreme abrasion resistance
  • CowhideCowhide, 1.0/1.2 mm thick, high fitting performance
  • Washed leather jacket with increased comfort and style
  • Premium leather tanned in Italy

Spidi Thunderbird Jacket Fast Facts:

  • Sizes: 46 – 58
  • Colors: Black, Brown
  • Spidi Thunderbird Price: North America: $599.90; Europe: €499.90

Spidi Thunderbird Gloves highlights:

  • High tenacity elastic Flex Tenax
  • Nylon 6.6
  • DeerskinGoat
  • Leather Goat Leather

Spidi Thunderbird Gloves Fast Facts:

  • Sizes: S – 3XL
  • Colors: Black, Brown
  • Price: North America: $109.90;Europe: €89.90

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