Joe Rocket Resistor Jacket Review: Affordable Mesh

Joe Rocket Resistor Jacket Review

Joe Rocket Resistor Jacket Review

Joe Rocket Resistor Jacket Review
Joe Rocket Resistor Jacket Review

The Joe Rocket Resistor jacket is a full-featured mesh motorcycle jacket with an affordable price point. It is built upon Rocktex, a 600-denier polyester-based material that is a high-strength fabric that ought to hold up well with good UV resistance. It is abrasion resistant just like the nylon fabric called Hitena that covers the elbows and shoulders.

Interestingly, the CE-approved armor in the shoulders and elbows is accessed not from within the garment but through external zippers at these locations. This access method looks good, and it is easier to remove and replace the armor when washing the jacket.

Interspersed within the sections of Rocktex that make up the major portions of the chassis of the jacket are panels of what Joe Rocket calls Freeair, a mesh hybrid fabric that flows air well and seems strong when I try my best to pull it apart.

On the front of the jacket, the Freeair sections are only sewn into the shoulder and top of the sleeve areas where they continue around the sides of the torso down to the waist. The mesh panels are also incorporated under the arms, and there are gathered expansion panels behind the shoulders for maximum range of movement.

The back is mainly Rocktex so this is not a full mesh jacket, yet the ability to vent is outstanding when taken on several warm-day rides here in Southern California. On a ride that started on a warm afternoon and ended rapidly cooling down it is easy to tell how well the Freeair works, as I cut my ride short and headed home to warm up.

The waist can be cinched with easy-to-use front-pull hook and loop adjusters and the sleeves have three-position snap gathers mid-way down, as is common on adventure-style jackets, thus eliminating any flapping in the wind. The sleeves in the wrist areas also have adjusters as well as zippers for a tight fit.

Joe Rocket Resistor Jacket Red
Joe Rocket Resistor Jacket Review

Inside, there is a removable back pad--we recommend replacing it with CE-approved back protection-- as well as a sewn-in foam pad below the removable back pad in the lower lumbar region. In that area, there is an eight-inch zipper that comes with a matching piece that one may sew into trousers as an attachment point. There are also four snap loops that riders can fasten around their belt to secure jacket to pants.

Joe Rocket includes a zip-in sleeveless polyester liner that widens the temperature comfort range for riders who experience a cooling off during the day and want a bit more insulation at the start or end of the day. Mind you, it does help a bit, but when the temperature drops that sleeveless liner does not mitigate the airflow coming through the sleeves.

There are two zippered external handwarmer pockets and one zippered inside pocket. Joe Rocket applies its logo liberally across the front, back, shoulders and down the sleeves, eliminating the possibility of any brand confusion.

The Joe Rocket Resistor mesh motorcycle jacket looks great and it fits me well with a generous cut that is bound to fit most, and leaves room underneath for a sweatshirt or windproof shirt when the weather dictates the need. Overall build quality is excellent with well-matched panels sewn precisely and no odd seams or loose threads.

Joe Rocket Resistor Jacket Fast Facts

  • Sizes: S - 3XL
  • Colors: Black; red; blue; yellow; orange
  • Joe Rocket Resistor Jacket Price: From $200 MSRP

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  1. From my experience, having lived in Miami and now in Atlanta, never buy a predominantly black mesh jacket if you’re doing any kind of city riding. Mesh or not, black gets hot in the sun and despite wearing a mesh, you’ll be sweating profusely. For summer riding, get a light colored (hi-viz is always a good choice) mesh jacket.


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