Ducati Museum Renovated for 90th Anniversary | Ceremony Photos & Video

Ducati Museum 916 Room 3
916 queen of Room 3 of new Ducati Museum

Ducati Museum Renovated – Photos & Video

 CEO Claudio Domenicali with Italian Premier Matteo Renzi and Monster 900 at new Ducati Museum
CEO Claudio Domenicali with Italian Premier Matteo Renzi and Monster 900 at new Ducati Museum

From World Ducati Week to the release of the 1299 Panigale S Anniversario, Ducati held nothing back while celebrating its 90th Anniversary (1926-2016).

Throughout the year, Ducati also renovated its museum (Ducati Museo), which is part of the Italian company’s headquarters in the Borgo Panigale quarter of Bologna. And this week, Ducati held an inaugural ceremony to reopen Ducati Museo with some of Italy’s finest.

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During the ceremony, Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali was joined by Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, President of the Emilia-Romagna Region, Stefano Bonaccini, and the Mayor of Bologna, Virginio Merola.

“The restructuring of our Museum is a very important and significant event for our company and for all the Ducatisti fans who follow and appreciate our brand and our bikes across the globe,” Domenicali says.

Ducati Museum 916 Room 3
916 queen of Room 3 of new Ducati Museum

“To have the honor and the privilege of officially opening the facility in the presence of our Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, makes us particularly happy and proud. We wanted to renovate this museum as a tangible sign of the vitality and strength of a company that is celebrating its 90th anniversary and looking to the future. Never before has Ducati been able to compete and achieve such results on the markets and on track, while also positioning itself for continued growth in the future”.

The Ducati Museo, which welcomes 40,000 visitors annually, was restructured with a new layout, and is dominated by white.

Speaking of the layout, Ducati says “Each bike included in the collection is treated and presented as a true work of art, a story told using a language composed of shapes and colors, and enhanced by dedicated installations. The exhibitions, installations and colors all contribute to presenting the fundamental values of the Ducati brand, or rather style, sophistication and performance. With its new look, the Ducati Museum provides a journey through the company’s legendary history, where every bike is conceived, designed and created to provide unique emotions.”

The Ducati Museo now features a three-part narrative:

  • History of Ducati production bikes and the social and cultural context in which they are conceived.
  • Racing history with exhibits including race bikes and winners’ trophies.
  • “Ducati moments,” or rather those facts, people and technological innovations that have contributed to Ducati’s history, including, of course, the “Ducati heroes,” the most representative riders who, on board Borgo Panigale bikes, have written key chapters of motorcycle racing history.

All together, 44 motorcycles are represented (26 race, 18 road), and all production bikes are subdivided into four rooms.

Represented on each bike is a story of its creation and the people involved. Here’s an example of the 916 story: “the DNA structure that accompanies the Ducati 916, a symbolism to represent the Ducati brand’s founding values, expressed in a superlative way by the stylistic and technical work of art created by Massimo Tamburini, the undisputed forefather of a new generation of sports bikes.”

For a virtual tour, visit Ducati Museo.

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