KLIM Gear Protection Guarantee Program | Crash, Free Replacement

KLIM Gear Protection Guarantee Program | Crash, Free Replacement

KLIM Gear Protection Guarantee Program

KLIM Gear Protection Guarantee Program | Crash, Free ReplacementTalk about a value play. KLIM is doing something unique and satisfying for those who wear its apparel. For the first time in the Rigby, Idaho, company’s 17-year-history, KLIM has released a Gear Protection Guarantee Program.

Basically, if you crash and follow the correct process, KLIM will replace any of its qualifying apparel free of charge. The qualifying apparel includes: all KLIM motorcycle outerwear jackets and pants, and KLIM K1R, TK1200 and Krios ADV helmets.

“Giving motorcyclists the peace of mind that their apparel investment is protected in the event of accident-induced damage is a benefit we are proud to offer,” said Mark Kincart, KLIM’s Motorcycle Marketing Manager.

“KLIM’s premium-quality products are designed to provide the ultimate motorcycling experience. KLIM doesn’t want that experience to end just because an accident damaged our product. Likewise, many motorcycle apparel products can be compromised through crash-induced damage and should be replaced. The Gear Protection Guarantee program can help facilitate replacement to our valuable customer base.”

Again, this is a huge value play for buyers of KLIM gear. And the apparel is beyond good; I’ve personally donned the original KLIM Badlands Pro jacket/pants since it was launched in 2011. The suit, worn in a few cross-country trips and multiple ADV excursions, has over 80,000 miles, and was involved in three separate crashes - all in the dirt, one at nearly triple-digit speeds. My gear is far from needing replacement, but it’s a comfort knowing the option is there.

If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident and have damaged qualifying KLIM gear, here’s how to get it replaced:

1. Take photos of your qualified damaged gear you are requesting to have replaced.
2. Obtain a copy of your official accident report and take readable photos/scans of the entire document.
3. Visit www.klim.com/gear-protection-guarantee and fill in all required information.
4. Upload all gear photos and accident report photos when prompted.
5. Once submitted, customer service will review your case and contact you within 10 business days to let you know if you qualify for replacements and arrange the details.

For program guidelines and more information, please visit KLIM.

KLIM reserves the right to evaluate each accident on a case-by-case basis, establish whether the program rules were followed and approve or deny each request accordingly. Riding a motorcycle greatly increases your risk of an accident. Please ride responsibly and always wear protective gear to reduce the chance of injury.



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