Harley-Davidson Winged Skull Gloves Review | Summer Test

Harley-Davidson Winged Skull Gloves Review

Men's Black Winged Skull Gloves MSRP

The Harley-Davidson Winged Skull gloves for men are a summer glove that uses a combination of mesh for cooling airflow, as well a goatskin leather for comfort and protection. The fingers are pre-curved, which allows you to grip the bars without hand fatigue on long rides.

Gel-padded palms soften the vibration to the rider, even on Balanced engines at speed. At the same time, the palm padding is not so thick as to be uncomfortable.

The thumb has a nice ergonomic design, and the knuckles have stretch material to allow easy finger movement for manipulating the clutch and brake levers. At the wrist, the neoprene is soft and uses a hook-and-loop closure to personalize the fit. Smartly placed seems don’t interfere with your hands while riding.

With all these features complementing each other, the Harley-Davidson Winged Skull gloves great for longer rides, as well as short trips. While I liked the Full-Finger version, there is also a Fingerless version available.

Harley-Davidson Winged Skull Gloves Fast Facts

Color: Black
Sizes: S-3XL
Harley-Davidson Men’s Winged Skull Gloves Price: $40 MSRP

Harley-Davidson Winged Skull Gloves Gallery



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