GIVI Andes Tour Announced – 8 Days of Riding in Colombia

GIVI Andes Tour Announced - 8 Days of Riding in Columbia

GIVI Andes Tour of Colombia

GIVI Andes Tour Announced - 8 Days of Riding in Columbia


Adventure riding can take you to a lot of interesting places. That is the point after all – going off the beaten path and doing things your own way. GIVI knows the importance of exploration, and acknowledges that intrinsic human desire to see more of the world.

Through the GIVI Explorer program, GIVI and fellow riders will satiate their wanderlust by heading to South America for the Andes Tour of Colombia. The eight-day excursion will run from September 10th- 18th, allowing riders to see nearly every type of challenging terrain that the region offers.

Over their 1500km/932-mile journey, participants will be able to witness the constantly evolving landscape that will make use of scenic, as well as off-road routes. Mountain passes will send riders climbing up to elevations above 4,000 feet, and those same roads will send them down into some of the world’s most beautifully savage deserts.

GIVI Andes Tour

Trips such as these allow one to see the world from another perspective, one unhampered by the concrete jungles of modernity. The GIVI Andes journey will travel through Silvia, a place inhabited by the Guambiano Indian tribe, and eventually into Suarez, another location that still piques the interest of archaeologists from across the globe due to its many ancient Andean sites. The unforgiving Tatacoa Desert will be crossed, along with the Magdalena river – done by canoe, no less.

The highest of peaks will be climbed until the snow-capped volcano is found, where the ruins of the village Armero lay – destroyed in an eruption just a few decades ago. The jungle canopies will shade riders, dropping down into where the finest Colombian coffee is produces in the valleys of Cocora and Cauca. Eventually, riders will head into the capital of Cali.

These experiences aren’t soon forgotten and whether riders embark alone, they’ll be sure to be leaving with not only memories but lifelong friends who shared an experience which only those who were there can relate to. To see the world, to experience it; not from the small screen of a phone or the squared off window of a car - it will be on two-wheels, with nothing separating the rider from the earth but a motorcycle.

For additional information, please visit this GIVI Andes Tour 2016.





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