Floating Urals? Whatever is Needed, says LeavingHomeFunction

Floating Urals? Whatever is Needed, says LeavingHomeFunction
TATATATA the first Amphibious Ural!

Floating Urals in Russia

Floating Urals? Whatever is Needed, says LeavingHomeFunction
TATATATA the first Amphibious Ural!

Back in January, we reported on a group of artists - LeavingHomeFunction - that were documenting an intercontinental trip. They’re an eclectic bunch, to say the least but we’re in full support of that. They’ve done this trip on Urals, across some of the harshest terrain on the earth, thousands of miles on Urals which is probably some sort of record in itself.

But now, they’ve been faced with a problem: The Kolyma River, which sits in a rural part of Far East Russia. With no access by roads, the area is normally inaccessible, except during winter when The Kolyma River freezes over and voila! A road is formed.

The catch here is that they’ve needed to make the trip in the summer and that means, no ice-road. As the old adage goes, “necessity is the mother of invention,” and the LeavingTownFunktion group came up with a solution that most would balk at – a floating troupe of Urals.

Proven in their home base of Vancouver, Canada, the group put together a catamaran style solution for the Ural 650. From what we can tell, the group will paddle their Urals down river in a fashion that is eerily reminiscent of something that you might find on this English Russia, fitting of course since this is being done in Russia.

The LeavingHomeFunktion group has been on the road for a long while now. If you’d like to follow their exploits, please check out LeavingHomeFunktion. But groups like this could also use a bit of financial support and judging from their craftiness, I’m sure they’re connoisseurs of the lavish budget lifestyle.

If you’d like to help them out, you can do so on PATREON. According to the group, when you donate to them, they’ll “pray in your name that their Urals will not break down.” You can contribute as much or as little as you’d like and of course, those contributions get something in return, depending on how much you’ve spent. To check it all out and help these guys out on the next leg of their trip, check out their PATREON link.

But let’s be honest - we just wanted to share a photo of a Ural floating around on pontoons.

Floating Urals Photo Gallery


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