BikeMaster Performance Tube Released | More Strength, Pliability

BikeMaster Performance Tube Released | More Strength, Pliability

BikeMaster Performance Tube

BikeMaster Performance Tube Released | More Strength, PliabilityYou may think that in 2016, something like the inner motorcycle tube is pretty much set in stone. But where many have been satisfied with the current state of this piece of tire technology, BikeMaster was not.

The R&D department at BikeMaster spent the last 12 months – along with the help of some third-party testing and a specialized task force to oversee the project – working on the newly refined inner tubes. Claimed to be stronger than its previous inner tube, the newly launched BikeMaster Performance Tubes are now available.

Created out of natural rubber, the Bike Master Performance Tube has more elasticity than synthetic rubber tubes. That means that your inner tube will be more pliable and put up with the rigors of use to a higher degree.

Aside from having a higher tolerance for punctures, natural rubber also resists heat more effectively than common synthetic options. Lastly, the tube makes use of a heavy-duty valve stem, so you off road guys wouldn’t have to worry about that.

“After several rounds of testing and reformulation, the new material we’re using for our inner tubes stretches more for a great fit inside the tire, and has higher tensile strength for better resistance to punctures.” says Phillip Mayfield, Brand Manager for BikeMaster. “We know that our efforts have produced a great product while maintaining a great price point.”

In addition to improving the tubes, BikeMaster has also refreshed their packaging with a thicker box and handy size cross reference on the back. “We’ve added some new sizes to offer a more robust line of product,” Mayfield states.

BikeMaster updated their size options, covering a wider swath of the market. From lower displacement road machines to rough and tumble off-road beasts, you should be all set for your inner tube options. And as a quick reminder – any enduro or desert rider can tell you, carrying a spare inner tube and hand pump is always a good idea.

The new BikeMaster Performance Tubes can be ordered through your local Tucker Rocky/Biker’s Choice dealer.


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