Female Cross-Country Motorcycle Record Attempt

New Female Motorcycle Licensee Mastracci Set for Cross-Country Record Attempt
Deena Mastracci

With five endurance driving records to her name, Deena Mastracci isn’t one to shy away from a challenge. And knowing that her fiancé is professional endurance driver Carl Reese, who just recently set the fastest time on a motorcycle from LA to NY aboard a BMW K1600GT, that shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Mastracci will set off to tackle her own two-wheeled record, but this a truly unique situation; she only recently braved the DMV lines for her motorcycle license with practically no road experience.

Her trip will have her rack up 9,000+ miles, set to begin June 1 out of Santa Clarita, Calif., where she’ll put the hustle and bustle of LA behind her and head north to Alaska and eventually the far reaches of the Arctic Circle.

Though she’ll be hitting the road in summer, she’ll have to content with extreme roads and weather when going that far north. She’ll tackle the Yukon, British Columbia, and Alberta, Canada, before crossing back into the lower 48 states. Heading through Montana and traversing Colorado, as well as Michigan, which will put her on a path to wrap it all up in Pennsylvania.

Mastracci isn’t just doing it for the record, the first of which will be “Longest Distance Traveled by a New Motorcycle Licensee.” She’s attempting to raise awareness to the Motorcycle Relief Project, a nonprofit charity that benefits veterans with PTSD and other injuries. The group puts together tons of activities for riders, from group rides to social functions all in the effort to help those who served our armed forces. Additionally, she’s doing it for women riders, hoping that the next generation of motorcycle enthusiasts has a stronger female influence.

For her entire trip, she’ll be making use of a BMW F800GT, picked up from West Valley Cycle Sales, in Los Angeles. They also happen to be the oldest BMW Motorrad Dealer in the US.

Followers can track her progress with live GPS vehicle tracking provided by GPS Insight, a technology leader in fleet tracking software. Mastracci’s live map is available on carlreese.net, and additional updates of her journey will be posted on Facebook and Instagram.

Mastracci and her to-be husband have always been partners in crime when trying to achieve new records. But here is something that might shock most UMC readers: When she rolled-out of the DMV, she had no prior road experience other than a one day class at Streetmasters Motorcycle Workshops – held on closed coursed – as part of her preparation for a motorcycle test.

Mastracci will submit her accomplishment to the Guinness Book of World Records for verification. Along for the ride will be paramedic Jeremy Fox and her husband, Carl Reese, following on separate bikes.

“I am taking on this challenge to show women, veterans, or anyone intimidated by something new that the best way to overcome that fear is to drive through it. It is empowering and freeing to accomplish something that seems impossible, and with each new adventure and record attained, I am energized to take on another,” says Mastracci.