Wiley X Supports Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Wiley X, Motorcycle Eyewear, Harley-Davidson, Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Wiley X Motorcycle Eyewear News

Wiley X, Motorcycle Eyewear, Harley-Davidson, Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month and that hasn’t gone unnoticed by protective eyewear maker, Wiley X.  Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month – instituted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) – receives support from many state highway patrol and safety organizations across the US.

This month, all of the participating organizations have ramped up their efforts to relay safe riding guideline, from riding techniques to equipment, including eye protection.

If you happen to wear a full-face helmet with a darkened visor or another form of eye protection, this might not be for you. But for those of you who wear open faced helmets and haven’t thought about eye protection, please reconsider your position.

While your DOT and Snell approved helmet might be OK in an emergency situation, being able to see properly could help you avoid getting into those situations. ANSI-rated vision protection is absolutely crucial.

Wiley X’s creation of the Harley-Davidson Performance Eyewear Line gives the market another option when it comes to proper eye protection. The line is road-ready, designed for both male and female riders. With many options to choose from, the line has been geared towards those who partake in the Harley lifestyle, meant to be worn on and off your bike. The line also has plenty of sizes, frame and lens combinations to suit a wide variety of faces out there. Not only that, but designers strived to maintain peripheral vision which some riders worry about.

“Riding without proper eyewear can be very dangerous,” said Wiley X Co-Owner Myles Freeman, Jr.  “Vision protection gear specifically engineered for riding not only protects your eyes from airborne debris, kicked up rocks, low-hanging branches, flying insects and other hazards, it also helps riders view their surroundings and better ‘read’ changing road surfaces throughout the day,” added Freeman.

Every piece of the Harley Davidson Performance Eyewear Line provides 100% protection against UVA/UVB rays and meet ANSI Z87 High Velocity and High Mass Impact Safety standards. If you’ve ever had a rock or inspect hit your face while riding in an open face helmet, I’m sure you’d agree that something like that hitting your eye can cause some serious damage. If you happen to be a rider who uses prescription lenses, don’t worry – all Harley Davidson Performance Eyewear models are Rx-ready.

The Harley Davidson Performance Eyewear Line is sold exclusively through Harley-Davidson dealers. If you’d like to know more about the full line of Wiley X products and the 14 models they will be releasing in 2016, please visit this Wiley X Harley-Davidson.


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