Road Atlanta KTM RC Cup Results | Mazziotto & Paasch Split Wins

Road Atlanta KTM RC Cup Results | Mazziotto & Paasch Split Wins

2016 Road Atlanta KTM RC Cup Results

The opening round of the KTM RC Cup Series took place this past weekend at Road Atlanta in Georgia during the second round of MotoAmerica. Anthony Mazziotto III and Brandon Paasch are tied for points after both claimed a win and a second-place result after two days of racing. Brandon Altmeyer, who equally battled for the lead, finished third both days to remain third in the points.

Road Atlanta in Braselton, Ga., was quite the busy track this weekend. With Supersport classes kicking off their MotoAmerica season, the KTM RC Cup Series followed at their heels. The KTM RC Cup Series is designed to foster younger talent in an effort to push riders into more advanced classes. All riders are between the ages of 14-22 and riding on closed-spec KTM RC 390 Cup bikes.

The season kicked off with 27 riders out on the starting grid, which made for a good bit of action when the flags were thrown. Mazziotto and Paasch took victories on each day, splitting the weekend down the middle.

Mazziotto went into the first race confident, after having just earned pole position. But he had to earn that victory. Mazziotto wheeled off the start which cost him some places. Paasch seized upon the opportunity and took him as they made their way up the course.

Mazziotto looked to be having some issues in the start of the race,: “My bike got stuck in sixth gear and I couldn’t get it resolved until I got to turn 7. Unfortunately I lost some positions and came out around 8th place after I got the bike shifting again.”

With eight riders bunched up and fighting for the lead, Mazziotto sorted his bike out and got his head back in the game. The group of eight was whittled down to five, and they continued to fight all over Road Atlanta. Mazziotto asserted some dominance and confidently maintained the lead in the final lap, after clawing his way to first. Paasch wasn’t to be out done; bouncing from fourth to second where he kept pace with Mazziotto. With a bit of time between second place and third, Brandon Altmeyer fended off Aljenadro Gutierrez who took fourth place.

On Sunday, the line up remained the same. Paasch got off to a good start, taking Mazziotto into the hill. The top five looked like a repeat of Saturday’s events with Paasch, Mazziotto, Altmeyer, Gutierrez and Jody Barry.

The top five riders put sizeable distance between themselves and the rest of the field. Gutierrez was added to the list of riders who had spills this weekend with a tough high-side early on in the race. Just a few laps later, Barry made a mistake and ran into the grass which cost him time and positions. From there it was locked in for Paasch, Mazziotto and Altmeyer. The three paced each other superbly, waiting for their moment to strike.

Waiting until the final moments of the race, it was Almeyer who stepped up for the first pass. He grabbed the lead but it was short lived, running wide in the next corner, allowing Mazziotto and Paasch to pass. Mazziotto led the group when Paasch made a brilliant move in the final turns, taking over the lead and securing the win.

“I had a blast out there,” exclaimed Altmeyer at the podium. “It was really fun battling these guys. I tried to sneak in for the pass at the end but went wide and let them get by me. I’m really excited to get on the podium at the first round. It should be an exciting year.”

Mazziotto and Paasch had identical scores over the course of the two days which leaves them tied for the points lead heading into round two.

Next Event: New Jersey Motorsports Park – April 29 – May 1, 2016

Road Atlanta KTM RC 390 Cup Overall Results Race 1:

  1. Anthony Mazziotto III
  2. Brandon Paasch
  3. Brandon Altmeyer
  4. Alejandro Gutierrez
  5. Jody Barry
  6. Brett Voorhees
  7. Cory Ventura
  8. Josh Serne
  9. Jackson Blackmon
  10. Benjamin Smith

Overall Results Race 2:

  1. Brandon Paasch
  2. Anthony Mazziotto III
  3. Brandon Altmeyer
  4. Jody Barry
  5. Jackson Blackmon
  6. Ashton Yates
  7. Benjamin Smith
  8. Ian Champness
  9. Josh Serne
  10. Sean Ungvarsky

Point Standings:

  1. Brandon Paasch – 45
  2. Anthony Mazziotto – 45
  3. Brandon Altmeyer – 32