Alpinestars Tech 10 Special Edition A1 | Boots Review

Alpinestars Tech 10 A1 Special Edition | Boot Review
Alpinestars Tech 10 A1 Special Edition

Alpinestars Tech 10 Special Edition A1 Boots Test

Alpinestars Tech 10 A1 Special Edition | Boot Review
Alpinestars Tech 10 A1 Special Edition

The Alpinestars Tech 10 A1 Special Edition boot is the manufacturer’s most exclusive footwear product, which has been developed through years of feedback by several of the sport’s top riders including Ryan Villopoto, Trey Canard, Justin Barcia, and Eli Tomac, among others.

The A1 Special Edition model comes in a Black/Yellow/Blue/Red color way and is perhaps Alpinestars’ most vibrant color scheme to date.

The Tech 10s feature a booty design that slips into a one-piece co-injected foot chassis. The construction of the Tech 10 includes five different advanced polymer compounds in a single streamlined and lightweight piece to help offer strength and flexibility. At the same time, these features maintain a robust structural integrity and eliminate weak points.

The Tech 10s have several innovative safety features. They are CE certified and feature a dual closure system with an internal microfiber flap. The shin area has a TPU blade system engineered to prevent frontal hyperextension and offer greater flex control.

Lateral and medial flex zones provide front and rear flexion support, which helps prevent damaging torsional forces around the ankle area. Innovative biomechanical inner ankle braces feature medial and lateral “C” torsion bars to control ankle and leg rotation, while allowing freedom of movement.

To begin, putting the boots on and taking them off is an easy task. They have a snug fit thanks to the booty design and the amount of padding on the inside from the heel all the way up to the ankle area. The generous amount of padding on the interior of the boot is inspiring because your feet do not move around in them during a moto and feel protected as well. To assist in keeping your feet in place, Alpinestars uses a poly-fabric lining with 3D open cell foam, which incorporates anti-slip suede on the heel area.

Adjusting the buckles is a snap thanks to Alpinestars’ new buckle close system. The aluminum bridge closures self-align to ensure consistency when securing the three buckles on each boot. To adjust the buckles, all I needed to do was to bend the buckle back and slide it in one direction or the other for a more loose or tight fit. Also, the buckles are easily replaceable if they get damaged in the event of a crash, or for any other reason.

The break in time of the Tech 10s consisted of about two to three days at the track. During my first ride, the boots were fairly stiff, which is to be expected from a boot with a non-hinge design. Aside from generally feeling a bit stiff, I had to take some extra care in shifting during the break in period. However, I was impressed by how much better they felt on the second ride and they progressively improved as they broke in even more. After three rides, they feel fantastic and they continue to feel more like a favorite pair of shoes as I use them more.

As far as comfort is concerned, the Tech 10s are great. There is a lot of padding throughout the whole boot and the booty design helps provide a snug, but roomy feel. This is a great attribute as it keeps your feet from moving around too much while riding. Other boots I have used in the past have more of a bare bones feeling, such is not the case with the Tech 10s.

The sole of the Tech 10s grip well in all riding conditions. From the dullest to the sharpest of footpegs, they connect with the different surface types very well. At the same time, they slide on top of the dirt when putting your foot out in a corner. Whether the conditions were soft, intermediate, or hard-pack, the soles slid over the top effortlessly.

The flexible, yet protective feel of the soles is a result of Alpinestars’ dual compound sole. The dual compound sold is integrated to the multi-density foot base structure, which provides built-in support. Similar to the buckles, the central sole insert is easily replaceable and Alpinestars offers a full sole replacement and boot repair service.

The arch area of the boot offers a confidence-inspiring amount of support. It is noticeable from the moment you slip your foot into the boot. The Tech 10s do a great job of absorbing a big jump landing. While they are stiff enough to absorb a big impact, the soles also flex well enough to be comfortable while riding. The soles offer a great balance between protection and flexibility.

At the end of a ride, I noticed there was a lack of dirt inside each boot that occasionally occurs from falling roost from the rear wheel. Such was not the case thanks to Alpinestars’ soft microfiber gaiter, which is designed to help seal out excessive water and dirt entry.

Washing the Tech 10s is simple. I achieved the best results with soap and water, but a pressure washer does the trick as well with fairly similar results. They are very easy to clean and look new after every wash. This is a great feature for those who ride in muddy conditions and/or will keep the boots for several years and want to keep their investment looking fresh.

The Alpinestars Tech 10 boots are a tried and true boot that has seen countless hours of development over the years. The boots possess a great balance of cutting edge technology, safety features, and rider comfort. In addition, they come in a variety of different vibrant colorways.

At an MSRP of $599.95, they are competitively priced for a top of the line boot. The Alpinestars Special Edition A1 Tech 10s perform great out on the track and look awesome as well. For additional information, visit Alpinestars.


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