Smart Turn System Released | Motorcycle Turn Signal Cancellation

Smart Turn System Released | Motorcycle Turn Signal Cancellation
Smart Turn System

Smart Turn System for Motorcycles

Smart Turn System Released | Motorcycle Turn Signal Cancellation
Smart Turn System

Let me paint you a picture: you’re on your weekly group ride with a few friends and one of them (or perhaps you) has been riding along the canyons, signaling that they’ll be making a left-hand turn into a gorge for the past 10 miles. It may seem a bit of a joke, but to other motorists on the road, you or your friend are displaying intentions that you don’t intend to follow through with and that can lead to a collision.

Abcs Sistem ltd., has stepped in and created something that has existed in cars for a long time: a turn signal cancellation system for nearly all types of motorcycles. The Smart Turn System (STS) is a product that reportedly analyzes 300 different types of data and automatically cancels your turn signal.

The result is that other motorists will not mistake your intentions out on the road and pull out on front of you. As the old saying goes – "better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it," and I don’t see a downside to using this product.

Wired directly into your existing turn signal system, the internal sensors record and sent data to help determine the bike’s lean angle, heading, vibrations and acceleration to detect if the turn as been completed. All of this is done automatically, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

“One of the most important aspects of riding a motorcycle is safety and we feel the proper operation of turn signals is one of the most critical elements of safe riding. This is why we developed the Smart Turn System, and we feel it’s really going to improve the riding experience for thousands of motorcycle riders around the world,” said Miha Kovač, chief executive officer of Abcs sistem ltd.

“Unlike other systems that rely on timers and simple sensors to automatically cancel turn signals, the STS uses several pieces of information and a complex algorithm to accurately determine if the rider has completed a turn or lane change. The STS gives you the peace of mind that you no longer have to look down to see if your signal is activated because it’s automatically canceled.”

STS has been working at developing this particular product for two years now and after some extensive testing, is ready to ship out products that will work for a wide variety of bikes out on the road. Spec’d out with top of the line components, STS is ensuring us that it’s built to last.

It’s certainly true that some bikes come with a turn signal cancellation system from the factory but if that is the case, STS ensures us that you can supplement the system with this product. Many OEM turn signal cancellation systems do not go to the lengths that the STS does, so look at it as a piggy-back safety system.

If you’d like to pick one of these up, you’ll have your first chance to do so in April and you’ll be receiving the product at a limited-time discount. After this period, the retail price will move up to 149€ ($168 US). The STS system will be available through Safer Turn and at top motorcycle retailers. It doesn’t take a hardened mechanic to install the STS systems; anyone who has done a bit of tinkering will be able to handle installation. Tutorials also will be posted on the Safer Turn website. soon.


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