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Sidi Crossfire 2 SR Test

Sidi Crossfire 2 SR Review

Sidi Crossfire 2 SR TestThe Sidi Crossfire 2 SR is the Italian manufacturer’s top of the line motocross boot, which includes several unique features that every motocross rider seeks. The Crossfire 2 utilizes a non-booty design combined with a dual hinge system and molded plastic panels for increased flexibility and better protection. Every bolt-on component, including the sole, is completely replaceable.

To begin with, the boots are extremely easy to take on and off. Many other boots I have worn are difficult to get your foot past the ankle area due to their booty design. But this is not the case for the Sidi Crossfire 2 SR; putting them on and taking them off was just about as simple as slipping in and out of your favorite pair of shoes.

Sidi’s new Dual Flex System uses two pairs of hinges – one at the ankle and one near the calf for maximum flexibility and comfort. With the hinged system, the Sidi Crossfire 2 SR boots have virtually no break-in time, and you are not likely to find a more comfortable boot straight out of the box.

I was very pleased with how flexible the boots were during my first ride. I could easily take these boots straight out of the box and wear them during a race. The flexibility is especially noticeable when comparing to other boots I have worn in the past, which take many rides to begin to feel comfortable.

In addition to very little break-in time, the Crossfire 2s feel like wearing your favorite pair of shoes. They fit like a glove and keep your feet cool during the warmer months thanks to how ventilated they are. I was amazed at the amount of feel the boots offered and how easy it was to shift and apply the rear brake.

In the past, I have worn boots that are so stiff, it makes it difficult to apply the rear brake and shift properly. Because of this, I have missed many shifts and either not been able to apply the rear brake enough or locked the rear wheel up when I did not want to. Ease of shifting and braking can most certainly be accredited to the Dual Flex System. Instead of a stiff, inflexible feeling in the ankle, the boots’ pair of hinges offer great flexibility, similar to a trials boot.

When first putting the boots on, the interior is noticeable against your calf and foot as the inner part of the boot does not have a lot of cushion-like material, especially in the ankle area. Despite having riding pants, knee guards, and socks to separate your calf from the boot itself, this is still is a bit noticeable.

However, the feeling quickly disappears after you get out on the track or trail. The foot area of the boot had a similar feel to that of in the upper area of the boot. This works great as the lack of excessive padding material allows for the extra feel in the foot/toe area when shifting and braking.

While some riders may not like how bare-bones the inside of the foot area feels, it’s nothing that throwing on another pair (or thicker pair) of socks cannot resolve. Fitment with knee guards or knee braces is nothing to worry about as my pair of knee/shin guards actually made the boots fit that much more snug in the upper area of the boot.

Sidi Crossfire 2 SR ReviewThe sole of the boot offers a fantastic combination of grip on the pegs and the ability to slide in corners. From the hard pack, to the intermediate, and sandy conditions, the boots skimmed across the top of the terrain with no troubles whatsoever. In addition to sliding well in corners, the soles of the boot offer an excellent feel on the peg. They grip well in all riding conditions and from the dullest to the sharpest footpegs.

Best of all, they won’t leave you with sore feet at the end of the day. For those who will use their boots in primarily off road or enduro type riding, Sidi offers a replaceable sole (hence the name, “RS”), which has a different pattern on the bottom to maximize traction in the elements found in those types of riding. They also offer a supermoto sole as well. The soles are easily removed with the use of a screwdriver and replacement screws can be purchased in packs of 10.

In the arch area of the boot, the support is there from the moment you place your feet on the pegs to landing out of the air from a jump. I was most impressed with how well the boots handled the big landings. Over jumping and landings with a flatter, less steep grade won’t leave you reaching for the crutches at the end of a moto. The boots stood up to each landing with arch support that leaves the rider feeling confident about the inevitable hard landing that every dirt bike rider endures from time to time.

At the end of the day, washing these boots proves to be a simple task with some soap and water. A pressure washer works great as well. Also, the white parts on the boot continue to look new after many rides. Adjusting the buckles was a snap. It was as simple as bending the buckle back and sliding it in one direction or the other for a more loose or snug fit. You may only have to adjust the buckles once or twice. However, Sidi made sure that each time you have to, it is an effortless task.

Sidi offers the Crossfire 2 RS in several different color ways to match either your bike and/or gear. Regardless of whether you want to remain inconspicuous or stand out with the vibrancy of the color of your boots, Sidi has you covered. They offer everything from an all black pair to the Toni Cairoli Special Edition lime green, bright orange, and blue pair.

I very much enjoy wearing these boots any time I am riding a dirtbike. They are very comfortable, help my feet stay cool, and clean up easily after a long day at the track. If you are looking for a stylish, comfortable boot with great protection and virtually no break-in time right out of the box, check out the Sidi Crossfire 2 boots at Motonation.


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