Bolid’Ster of France Releases Riding Jeans with New Anti-Abrasion Technology

Bolid'Ster Jean'Ster motorcycle riding jean
Bolid’Ster Jean’Ster

The French-based Bolid’Ster has unveiled a new motorcycle riding jean that integrates the anti-abrasion thread Armalith directly into the fabric. Other riding jeans are constructed with a lining of Kevlar or other type of anti-abrasion material, and those linings are generally only located over the knees and the seat.

By weaving Armalith into the fabric, Bolid’Ster eliminates the lining. The entire jean will be built from this fabric so protection will extend throughout. Until now, riding jeans only provided protection in the areas where the garment was lined.

I’ve seen and handled both Bolid’Ster jean designs – the Jean’Ster and the Ride’Ster – and the feel of the fabric is soft yet robust and a bit heavier than most of the riding jeans I own. They will be sending me a pair to try out and a review will then be forthcoming.

The two upcoming models are listed below. The Jean’Ster has no protectors while the Ride’Ster has knee protectors.

Bolid’Ster Jean’Ster:

  • Regular fit jean 100% made of ARMALITH 2.0 Power Stretch + 2,5’ abrasion grade
  • Indigo stone washed
  • Credit card 5th pocket
  • Safety seams with PA 6.6 airbag thread

Bolid’Ster Ride’Ster:

  • Ergonomic jean 100% made of ARMALITH 2.0 Stretch + 3’ abrasion grade
  • Vintage Indigo stone washed
  • Credit card 5th pocket
  • Meta aramid thermal shield + ride comfort enhancer
  • Safety seams with PA 6.6 airbag thread
  • Lightweight CE Shock protectors (70 Grams) adjustable + removable

Stay clicked to Ultimate MotorCycling for a review of these Bolid’Ster riding jeans. For more, visit Armalith.

Bolid'Ster Armalith motorcycle fabric