iXS Carson II Glove Review

iXS Carson II Glove Review | Classic Style Motorcycle Gloves
iXS Carson II Glove

The iXS Carson II is a sleek, classy motorcycle glove that will get you through some more chilly weather. On the surface we have a classic styled glove that screams vintage. All black, with adjustable wrist cuffs and a Velcro fastener, the Carson II has an understated look to it.

Let’s get something clear: iXS Carson II isn’t for the sport rider, ADV rider or styles of riding that tend to be a bit more rambunctious. The Carson II’s biggest problem is the lack of protection. Yes, it is made of high quality leather and utilizes heavy stitching, but the lack of knuckle, thumb and pinky protection is something to consider. This glove is for the cruiser or vintage bike lover.

Featuring a 100-percent leather exterior and a tri-fleece lining, the glove is comfortable. iXS uses mcFit Technology, which claims to keep the inner liners from shifting and improve overall grip or fitment. I’d have to agree that it works; the glove doesn’t shift and the internal fleece is quite pleasant.

Chamude padding can be found on the gripping surfaces and the Carson II is a wind-resistant and water-resistant. That does mean that it isn’t the best high summer glove, however, that isn’t its job due to the fact that it has no real venting. In lieu of venting, iXS uses a Solto Tex polyurethane membrane for breathability.

According to iXS, the temp ranges you’ll want to use these at is between 50 to 77 degrees, which is quite the range for a Californian like me. While I didn’t experience any clamminess with the Carson II, I was in weather right in the figures from iXS, so it worked as advertised.

With an MSRP of $95, the iXS Carson II is a great choice for anyone who prefers the subdued, classic styling of days gone by. For additional information, visit iXS USA.